I'm Kaz 

As a leader in starting new and small businesses, I assist people like you in achieving your entrepreneurial dreams.

I understand that it can be challenging to stay focused and overcome feelings of overwhelm when embarking on a new business venture.

The Business School

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The Business Academy

Continuous Learning

At the Business Academy, we offer one off courses, or you can join us monthly to keep all your skills up to date, from Master Classes, to quick wins, we have them for you!  And we also have a month Q & A session, where you send in your questions, and Karen will answer them in a podcast, so you can listen to them on the run, or doing the walking up!

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Simple process

It really is a simple process to get access to this training... you simple sign up, check your email for the downloadable link to your School!

Feedback & bonuses

We also do a review session each month, so you can look back over the month so you can praise yourself for what well, and what did not go so well, we can examine it and improve it... we also have some bonuses for you...

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress

The Business Academy

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