Learn how to start and grow your online business

Start with a weekly lesson from Kaz Johnson

Coaching and Mentoring for new and small online businesses

With The Online Business Academy we will take you step by step on how to start and grow your business online without the overwhelm so that you can earn money as soon as possible  and we'll help you build a robust online presence quickly and easily without the overwhelm so that you can earn money as soon as possible!

About Your Coach and Mentor, Kaz Johnson

Kaz Johnson is here to help you start, build and grow your online business.  A qualified coach, mentor and trainer, Kaz Johnson set up her own business many, many years ago and took it online in 2003!

Now, Kaz Johnson is here to help you to do the same, giving you the freedom to what you love, when you want to!

In her spare time, you will find Kaz Johnson out in nature doing what she loves most!

New to starting an online business?

How About joining the build an online business challenge?

On this challenge you will be able to build your own online business with a daily tasks delivered to your inbox each day with tips, lessons and challenges that will help you build your own online business - it's free to join, so come one, join me as I challenge you to build your own online business

How to start your online business

On this course you will learn:-

How to start your business with a lower risk

The 1 thing you need to know before starting an online business

Get started quickly and get support from our coaches

This course will be recorded so that you can get access to this course forever!

You will also get a dedicate support help desk that will be able to answer your questions.

Join this course if you're looking for guidance on how to start an online business or just want to learn more about it.

Next start date: July 5th 2021

The Online Business Academy

In the academy you can learn how to plan, build an online business in no time!

Unlock your business growth potential- learn how to start and grow a profitable business with The Online Business Academy.

In this academy, you will get access to Master Classes that will take you deep into a subject.

Quick Win Classes, that will get you up and running in a subject in under 20 mins

A route map that will help you along your journey so you know what your next steps are without the overwhelm

Group coaching sessions to answer all your questions

A dedicated support desk just for the academy.

Doors open  August 2nd 2021

Get onto the waitlist to - The Online Business Academy - now!

Get started with planning, building and growing your online business now, by getting onto the waitlist and receive a free weekly lesson from Kaz Johnson.

We will show you how to make money from your passion and skills.


Learn how to start and grow your online business  as you will learn exactly what you need to do


Get started quickly with Quick Win Sessions that will get you started in under 20 mins or less  so that you can get started in minutes, not months!


Discover how to Plan, build and grow your business with Monthly Master Classes and a Road Map so there is no need to feel the overwhelm!


Join the coaching sessions that will help answer the problems you have in your online business!

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