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5 tips to improve your social media marketing

5 tips to improve your social media marketing

You are listening to the Success Club Podcast. Hello and welcome to session 172.   This week I am talking to you about 5 tips to improve your social media marketing


Hello and welcome to the Success Club Podcast, my name is Kaz Johnson and I am your host today, this is episode 172, and today I am talking about 5 tips to improve your social media marketing.

Social media is constantly changing, and what worked for you last year, certainly would have changed this year.

You need to do regular reviews and what is working and what is not working in your business and for that I am running a reviewing and planning workshop 90 day Reviewing and Planning Workshop – to help you plan, do and review this.

So, to help you will your social media marketing, I have some tips for you that might just change your social media marketing up a bit.

Make sure that you always use an image

I use stock free images for my social media from Pixabay and they are free for you to use as well!. There is a huge amount to choose from, from images, vectors, and videos, go have a look!

Not only do they have photos, but they have a whole host of images as well that I use on my courses and membership.

How Twitter’s Expanded Images Increase Clicks, Retweets, and Favorites [New Data]

Make sure that you create a social media plan

I plan all my social media out with CoSchedules‘ marketing calendar. They have a great way of sharing and resharing your posts, from Facebook pages and groups to Instagram and Twitter! And yes, you can plan out your month, and week, this is what I do, and when you post your blog, you can push this out to the relevant social media outlets and it will also add them to your requeue for recurring posts too!

Another great thing with CoSchedle is that you can see all of what you are working in one place together with your team, so there is no having to miss out on sharing your social media and you can see clearly what is going out in an orderly fashion.

Coshecule also has a 14-day free trial if you are interested.

Check out which posts do well

In order for you to know what posts did well, you need to analyse them and perhaps tweak the headings or do an a/b split test.

You want to be doing more of what did do well and perhaps tweak your next posts so that they do well.

If you are using Co-schedule, you can easily see these analytics in their social analytics reports that give you comprehensive reports on each of your social media posts with reports that can track, measure, and analyse your data including growth and total impressions, and more!

As they say, what gets measured, can be improved upon!

Have a call to action

So, you got visitors to check out your posts, but was there a call to action?

You don’t have to be selling all the time, but what about a call to action (CTA) to sign up for your free lead magnet or to read your post?

When I post my blogs, the call to action here is to the post itself, so that visitors are signposted towards my blog. Each blog has a CTA on it to sign up for the free Lite Membership, and by the way, if you are not a member of the Success Club as a Lite member that gives you free training and resources as well as an email list building challenge, then why not? It’s free to join?

Another CTA I have would be to sign up for my free lead magnets, from cheat sheets to courses, the list is endless here.

I use Thrive Leads or Getresponse for my Opt-in forms, but you can use anyone that you have already subscribed to, live Mailchimp, Convertbox, or Aweber.

Build a relationship with your audience

Go deeper! Yes, not only wider but build that know like and trust factor with your audience by commenting on their posts, answering questions, and generally by getting to know them at a deeper level.

You can answer their questions to show that you are the expert in your field, and then you can DM them with your free offers as well! A great list builder and relationship building. Yes it takes time, but by going deeper with your customers you get them to trust you, and as we all know, people buy from people they know, like, and trust!

That’s it for this week, tell me in the comments if you are thinking of starting an online business, what do you need help with?

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Why not join my team as a free Lite member to access the free email list challenge, training, and resources all designed to help you to succeed with your online business and get access to free training, challenges, and resources that will help you on your quest to plan, build and grow your business online?

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