5 tools you need to create an online course

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The top 5 tools I use to create an online course

When I first started my online courses there was not a lot of tools around to help me create and online course, and what was available was either really, really, expensive, or they were really difficult to master.

Things have come a long was since then, and here are the 5 tools that I use to create my online courses.

Number 1

I create my slide shares deck, either in PowerPoint or Keynote, before I create my presentation, I tend to do a brainstorm of all the topics I want to cover, then put them in order in Word, then start creating the presentation in PowerPoint ready for recording using my screen capture software.

Number 2

I use Camtasia to record my presentation, I have both the Mac version and the PC version, so it really depends where I am working that day as to which version I use.  Check out the video below to see how it works:-

Once I have recorded my lessons I upload the video onto Amazon S3

Number 3

I use Amazon S3 to host my videos, not only is it really cheap, but by hosting your videos on a third party like Amazon S3, you don’t risk slowing your own website down.

Once my video has been uploaded to Amazon S3, I then place the video on my learning management system (LMS).  Check out Amazon S3 in the video below:-

I use Learndash and Moodle. I only use Moodle now for my qualifications as the MOODLE has a lot of things that are needed for quality assurance, so unless you are delivering qualifications, I would recommend you only need to install a LMS like Learndash or Lifter – here is a great offer for Lifter LMS, you can get a 30 day demo for just £1…

Number 4

Now I take the video link from Amazon S3 and insert it into my lessons in Learndash. I have used a lot of LMS’s in my time, however, I have now settled with Learndash as it is a great learner experience and I get a lot of great feedback from the learners when I switched over to this LMS.  Learndash also has a great support system and a fantastic Facebook Group where you can get great ideas, tips, tricks and feedback from.

Once I have created my online course, I then start marketing it, I use Meetegar and although not technically a tool I use to create my online course, it is the next step I take when I create an online course, whether it is a free course, or a paid course.  So, once the course has been created, I start promoting with Meetedgar, which is a social media tool.

Number 5

As soon as I have created a course, I start to promote it using Meetedgar, although not cheap, it is like having your own marketing assistant who continually feeds my social media accounts with new posts and evergreen posts so that I can get on with what only I can do, create online courses!

Checkout Meetedgar video by clicking on the image below:-

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