90 day plan, do and review workshop!

Are you ready to do a review of your last 90 days, and plan and action your next 90 days?

Sometimes it can seem so overwhelming you really do not know where to start or what to do next when you are planning your 90 days in your business!

On this workshop I hold your hand and guide you through the process from beginning to end!

Here's why it helps to join this workshop!

Let's do this plan, act and do review together, even or especially, if you have not started your business yet and want to get help and support of not only of what to do next, but knowing that there is someone to help you on your successful journey! 

Want to know what worked?

We need to stand back at regular intervals to find out what worked, what did not work and what you want to do more of if you are going to run a successful business.

What you need to do next

In this session, we take your big goals and look at what you need to be doing next so that we can clearly get you working on your bigger goals

Taking action

Once you have done your reviewing and planning, it's now to do the next step that you can do to work towards your next big goal!  

You are not alone!

Human beings necessarily depend on one another, as in you can't manage this all by yourself, so we are here for you if you need accountability, help and support for one another!  We got you!

No man is an Island, or woman come to that!

Kaz Johnson

and I am a qualified and experienced coach, mentor and trainer, and I help people just like you to get from where you are now, to where you want to be.

Let's do this together, I do my work in 90 days blocks of time as I find it more manageable, and easier to focus on the smaller goals that will help me reach my bigger goals, are your ready to join me?