About Me

Hi! My name is Kaz Johnson and I live on the south coast of the UK, in a town by the sea called Bournemouth.  I have two grown up girls and four grandchildren.

For the past 3 decades I have run my own training business, from a bricks and mortar business, to an online only business.  I have set up 3 accredited training centres to deliver qualifications and I also run a small team, from trainers and assessors, to admin and support staff.

I currently run The Trainer and Assessor Academy, a site that specialises in helping support trainers, assessors, IQA’s and training centres or people who want to set up their own training centres,  I also run the Trainer School that helps people set up their own online training business and The Kaz Academy, a monthly mentoring programme that helps people create and sell their e-learning products.

As well as being qualified to teach and assess, I also have marketing qualifications and I am passionate in help other people with growing their e-learning business!

As well as a self confessed geek, in my downtime, I love nothing more than getting outside in the countryside, hiking and camping.  

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