attracting customers

Without customers you have no business, whether your are freelance, run a training centre, or thinking about running an online training business.

Attracting customers is like dating, you see if you are compatible, then offer them something to get their contact details and so the dating begins! You would not ask to marry someone on your first date (well you could, but that would frighten them off) You need to date them to see if you are a good match for each other. You also get to know, like and trust them. Well its the same in business.

So how do you attract them in the first place?

Offer them something that is free and that would be of interest to them in exchange for their details so you can carry out a relationship with them. You only want to work with people who are interested in what you have to offer them.

What can you offer?

An ebook, we offer a trainer and assessor toolkit showing all the resources I use in my training business.

A free webinar, I offer free webinars on subjects that I teach, but I do not try and sell to people, just offer them good valuable advice.

A free course, again, something that is valuable to them and something that is in alignment with what we do.

That is just some of the things I currently offer, for free, without trying to sell people anything, it’s to attract people who are interested in my offerings, for them to give me their contact details so that I can start a relationship with them.

Their details then go onto my mailing list, I use Getresponse, (There is a little demo video here) and then I send out a weekly News Roundup each Tuesday, with just a summary of what we have been up to, so that people can skim read and just click on what interests them the most so they can click on a link for further reading. I then analyse who has sliced on what, this gives me a good idea of who is interested in what.

Some people will opt out, this is fine, you are not a good fit for each other and it is best to find this out before you enter into a working relationship with each other, people who remain, are the ones who are a good fit. They won’t purchase immediately, but if you keep showing up, keep maintaining consistency one day, the will purchase from you, and then you need to maintain that relationship by offering more and more value to them! They will be your champions and tell others about you too!

The other thing I do is to offer a free job board, this brings people to the main website, and on the righthand side is my option offer, placement here was really important!

What things do you do to attract clients to you?

Kaz started out teaching over 30 years ago teaching IT in a local college, she then set up her own training business before teaching teachers and assessors online 10 years ago.

Today she helps people to plan, build and grow their online business and when she is not working, you will find her in the great outdoors.