Do you want to raise your profile in your business?

Why not be a guest on my show?

This is a great way to raise your profile, you get a copy to place on your website or blog, it gets promoted by myself on this blog and the main social media site, we also put it into our weekly news update newsletter and goes onto iTunes, Stitcher Radio and Soundcloud and you get a backlink to your website too!

What is involved?

You just need to register your interest here, then we send you my calendar of available slots (I record interviews on a Monday via a Skype call).  Just book the slot that suits you, then you just need to click on the Podcast release form.  You will get a list of probable questions ahead of time so that you have time to prepare for the interview, then you just call in at the agreed time.

After calling in, we chat a bit, to warm up and then do the recording!  I will tell you on the day of the recording the release date and podcast number too.

If you have anything you want to promote, this is a great time to do so at the end of the show!

So, who am I looking for?  Anyone who has started a business and can share tips, hints and their story so that it can help inspire others!

Register your interest here