Building your online brand

Building your online brand

Building your online brand

You are listening to the Success Club Podcast. Hello and welcome to session 176. This week I am talking to you about Building your online brand


Hello and welcome to the Success Club Podcast, my name is Kaz Johnson and I am your host today, this is episode 176 and today I am talking about building your online brand

This week I am talking about building your online presence so that your business is easy to find when people are looking for the products or services that they are looking for.

So here are some ideas that you can do this:-

Build an email list

If you have not already done so, then starting an email list must be priority. If you want a helping hand, I have a free chanllenge for you to get your list going.

Master SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best tactics to build your online presence, and if you don’t know how to do this, either take a course, or get this outsourced.

When you create a website, content or a Youtube video, when you understand how to master SEO you will get your brand noticed.

Create value

Before you can sell your products or services, you need to make sure that you create vale. You can do this by creating free content, for example, create a blog, a podcast, a Youtube channel, or giving away a free cheatsheet, a course or a webinar etc.

Be active online

Talk to people online. Show up and engage with followers and subscribers, by leaving comments on social media. We are looking at going deep, more that going wide.

Analyise your results

What does not get measured cannot be improved upon. So look at your metrics, see how many open’s you have with your emails or look at your Googles and check out your metrics on here.

Have a social media presence

Make sure that you have a social media presence so that you can get that know, like trust factor. It is also a great way to build a good reputation and it is also a good way to see what your customers are saying about your brand.

Make a website

You need to build a business on land that you own. You cannot build a business on social media, you can raise your profile on social media, but if that social media goes away, so does your business.

This can be a website or blog, but it is where you can showcase your stuff, build a relationship and sell your products or services,

Produce content

Do you want to be on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc? Choose just one or two to begin with then make sure you turn up on a consistent basis.

Not only will it help the algorithms, but it will build that know, like and trust factor is that will help build that relationship. Always make sure that you have that all-important, call to action (CTA) that gets your ideal customer onto your mailing list so that you can get them into your sales funnel.

Personify your brand

I blog, podcast and Youtube under my own name, even though I have two different websites, all my social media is about people getting to know who I am, what I like, just like you would speak to a best friend. Talk to them about what you do, what you like and things like that, as people buy from people these days.

Experiment with online advertising

Ok, this is a big one here, but if you are on Facebook, you can create a Facebook ad and retargeting ads by adding pixels to people who visit your site but did not buy. This could be for many reasons, for example, the phone rang or someone came to the door and they abandoned the cart.

Or you could advertise on Youtube, Google PPC, or Bing, but please make sure that you measure the results and do a A/B test and measure the results of both of both.

Be competitive

Make sure that you check out your competition, see what they are doing and see if you can do the same, but, better!

Look at their strategies and ideas for content, or see what gaps they have that you can fill.

Develop relationships

This is a great one. See if you can write a blog or become a guest on their podcast show. This way you can tap into their audience and offer them a lead magnet to get them onto your mailing list as well!

Show up where your audience is

I remember my first marketing course and the lecture told us to “go where your customers are shopping at’. That was many years ago, but it is still true then as it is today.

The one thing that has changed though, is that we are now marketing online, so you need to figure out where your ideal client is, and make sure that you build a strong online presence there so that you can build relationships and show people that you are an expert in your area.

Automate your process

And finally, make sure that this sales funnel is automated as much as possible. I have created my ideal week so that I know what I am doing on any particular day and time. I have my social media set up in software that puts my content automatically, I have my emails go out on the same day, I also have autoresponders for my segmented lists, and I put my strategies in an Excel spreadsheet and try to keep adding to it every 90 days, so that I batch my content, social media, and courses to save me time.

This podcast is sponsored by the Success Club, an online membership program that will help you plan, build and grow a successful business online with monthly master classes, quick wins, a weekly coaching session, as well as a whole host of resources too!


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