5 Day Content Challenge

Are you looking for a way to shake up your content marketing strategy?

Then the 5-Day Content Challenge is for you! In just five days, you'll create an idea bank of at least 12 content ideas per day for the next 3 months.

Do you struggle to come up with ideas for your blog, podcast, or video channel?

The 5-Day Content Challenge is the perfect solution. You’ll build an idea bank of blog posts, podcast or video episodes that are suited to your niche and designed to attract your ideal customer. Even better, you can repeat the challenge whenever you need to refill your content coffee pot! Imagine having 6 months' worth of ideas ready at a moment’s notice. 

his is the perfect way to get more consistency with creating new posts, so they become part of your daily routine rather than something that only happens once every few weeks.

Are you curious about what content to create for your blog, podcast, or video show? Kaz Johnson's On this Challenge?

It will help you define the categories your content will fall into and provide you with brainstorming techniques and resources to get started. With helpful tips on research and publishing, this guide makes content creation easy and achievable.

What to Expect on this challenge?

Day 01


Define the categories your blog, podcast, or video show will emcompass.

Day 02


 Use a guided process to generate your first content topic ideas.

Day 03


Examine and find inspiration from the existing content of your competition.

Day 04


Use search engines and recommended extensions to round out your ideas.

Day 05


Learn my simple, 3-step process for getting your content published.

Each day you’ll receive:

  • An email with an introduction to the topic of the day and a link to the Academy
  • A video sesson with instructions for the day’s task in the Academy
  • A worksheet that will help you complete the daily task.

Join The 5-Day Content Challenge and get started building your topic list so you never have to struggle with what to share on your blog, podcast, or video show again…

New Challenge Starts On the 17th Of September 2022! 

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