Create an internet business idea

Create an internet business idea

Create an internet business idea

You are listening to the Success Club Podcast. Hello and welcome to session 174. This week I am talking to you about how to start an email list


Hello and welcome to the Success Club Podcast, my name is Kaz Johnson and I am your host today, this is episode 174 and today I am talking about create an internet business Idea.

This is the first in a series, and if you got back to episode 173, you can see what we are going to cover in the next 12 weeks.

Here I give you my 3 ideas, that I use, that you could start online.

1 -Books

Write an ebook, or publish it as a hardcopy and/or an audible copy.

Create an ebook in Designrr, then sell it.  Here you can take a copy from your blog posts, and turn them into a book, or you can create a book from scratch, either using the software or as I do, I write it in Word first, then import it into Designrr

This can be something simple like a getting started guide, or it could be something more in-depth, but it has to align with your passion, and what it is that you do best and shine at.

Sell it on your own website using something simple like:-

  7. Google Play.
  8. E-junkie.

You can also publish it on Amazon with Create Space, I have an in-depth article about creating your book on Amazon’s Create Space here, (and I go more into depth on this article here) or you could use something like LuLu.

I now use Thrivecart now to sell my books, courses, and membership, but go and check out all the options to see what suits you, I started out on e-junkie it was so easy and cheap as well and it just worked.

You can sell also sell it on places like the Kindle store, the Nook store, as well as independent platforms as well!

What you could also do is to create an Audible book from your book and sell it on Audible, or your own site too! It’s great to have an Audible companion to your printed or digital book.

You will have to put some work into creating your book, but once it has been created, you get paid, paid, and paid over and over again.  This is what is known as a passive income.

2 – Coach

 I started out coaching online primarily as a one-to-one coach, it’s a great way to find your feet, by finding out what works, what does not work, and what your customer wants.

I love the flexibility and freedom it gives, as doing it online, you are not limited geographically so that you can scale your business really easily.

You can do this for yourself, either by setting up your coaching service to run online using something like Zoom calls, as an online business, stand-alone courses or membership, which is a great way to make a regular income and not having to keep looking for new business all the time.

However, you can coach for someone else, for example, you could become a health coach and work for an established company like Beach Body.

Use something like Acuity, or Calendly to create an appointment online, this is a great way for people to schedule an appointment with each other without all the toing and froing you get on an email.

3 -Teacher/mentor

 This is how I started my very first business and I am still teaching today.  My subject has changed a few times, but I still love teaching.  What about teaching something you are passionate about and could talk the hind legs off of a donkey about?

You only need to know something about something to be an expert in it.  I started off teaching IT and knew little more than my classmates, but soon after practicing my skill, I became a master at it!

I now teach online, and have been doing so since 2003, and love it!  I can reach so many more people now!

You can start off small by writing an email course and as you get better, you can create a workshop, a tripwire course, then a signature course!

It’s easy to get started and you can write an online course on a 3rd party site or create your courses on your own platform using an learning management software like Lftr or Learndash (I use Learndash) and then upsell to a Mastermind course at the back end of the course.

Some of the lessons you create can be added to a membership program, the list is endless here and I thoroughly recommend it as a passive form of income, just another business ideas for the internet create an online

And there you have it, my top 3 ways of creating an online business you can scale as you go along.

That’s it for this week, tell me in the comments if you are thinking or starting an online business, what do you need help with?

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