Creating your first online course

There has never been a better time to create an online course.

Join Kaz Johnson on this free 4 part online course about creating your first online course...

About the Course

This course is ideal if you want to start a passive income with an online course.  There has never been a better time to join the growing industry of eLearning. 

On this course you will learn... 

  How to create an online course
 How you will can sell it afterwards

Create your first online course


Kaz Johnson

About the Trainer

Hi, I’m Kaz Johnson

Kaz Johnson is a qualified trainer and marketer, and has been teaching in the classroom and online for over 30 years.  She specialised in teaching technology and marketing and has set up 3 accredited training centres over the last 3 decades.  

Kaz Also has her own blog at, lives on the south coast of the UK, has two grown up children and 4 grandchildren.  Kaz loves the great outdoors and can be found in the countryside in her time off, hiking and camping.

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