Everyone is an expert in something and there are people who want to learn from you and pay you for it!

So, when choosing a topic to teach, go for the ONE thing you are most passionate about!  I have been teaching for over 33 years and I still have that passion inside me! My delivery methods may have changed, however, that passion is still inside me.

So, here we go…

Grab a pen and paper, and do some brainstorming for about 1min! List all the things you are passionate about and would love to tell someone else about!

Pick one topic…

The next thing you are going to do is to grab some post-it notes and think about all the steps the learner needs to go through to achieve the course objectives (start with the end in mind here – As Steven Covey said).

I have created a scheme of work that you can download here.  Then put the topics in the order of sessions that the learner is going to go through to get to the course outcome.

Next you are going to record your sessions – you will also need to think about the resources you are going to use, put your session plans (you can download a toolkit of resources here).

Lets look at some of the ways you can record your lessons:-

Talking head – this is a video of yourself or someone else, talking about your subject

Screen casts – this is often PowerPoint Slides with a voice over using Camtasia or Screenflow (you can get a free trial here), I use both as I have a MacBook and a PC.  This is the method I tend to use as the learner uses all three methods of learning, visual, audible and kinaesthetic (I often get the learners to grab a pen and paper and get them to do something)

Using video – you don’t need expensive equipment, If you are recording a person, make sure you have good lighting, either video them outside, or facing a well lit window.  Or you can purchase some lighting equipment, this is what I use.  I will use either my iPhone, with a lavalier microphone (you really do need to have good clear quality audio and a clear video, if you can’t do it yourself, you can hire a local film maker to do it for you.

At first you will need a bit of practice, but remember, you can edit your videos, adding in clips, music and even quizzes with Camtasia!

Remember, to keep the videos short, I aim for no longer than 10 mins, and keep them engaging, I will get them to grab a pen and paper and ‘do’ something, like brainstorming or something.

Prepare the resources like handouts next, I also often do a ‘Action Plan’ too.  This helps the learner stay focused on the lesson’s aims.

Rinse and repeat until all your lessons are completed and you have created your course!

Now you need to upload your course…

There are a few options here:-

Self hosted – This where you create your website and host your own course, for example Teachable.

Hosted for you – This is where a company that specialises in hosting courses, for example, LearnDash on WordPress.

I use both, as they both have their pro’s and con’s. To get you off to a flying start, try Teachable.

Now your course is completed, you need learners!

It’s time to put your marketing hat on!

Start promoting your course – here are some ideas:-

  1.  Use social media

  2.  Create a Leadmagnet and start a relationship with your customers.

  3.  Facebook Ads

  4.  PPC ads

  5.  Tell everyone you meet what you are doing

To start with, concentrate on just a handful of marketing tools, or you will suffer with overwhelm!

Make sure that you start promoting your course before it is launched, I do this well before my course is completed, often I will just create the first couple of lessons, then promote!

Once people have enrolled on the course, I start completing the lessons just ahead of the learners.  This solves two things here.  If no one shows interest in the course, I have not wasted my time, and 2nd, I can tweak the course as the learner gives feedback to me.

If you would like me to hold your hand and show you how to create your online course, then this course is ideal for you.  The ‘How to create online courses’ course is ideal for people who wish to set up an online business or a side business.  With videos, handouts and action plans, I walk you through all the steps you need to create an online course.

Kaz started out teaching over 30 years ago teaching IT in a local college, she then set up her own training business before teaching teachers and assessors online 10 years ago.

Today she helps people to plan, build and grow their online business and when she is not working, you will find her in the great outdoors.