Kaz Johnson: The End Point Assessor's Hanbook

A fully packed handbook for the End Point Assessor
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    Resources - a collection or resources and templates to help the End Point assessor
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    Glossary - a list of terms used in End Point Assessing
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    Grow. Provides a step–by–step implementation plan and advice to help you grow your business as well as showing systems to scale your business too!  Earn more by working less

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Kaz Johnson

Kaz Johnson,


Kaz Johnson has set up 3 accredited training business and an online training business.  With a wealth or experience, Kaz has complied this guide to show you the exact steps to set up and grow a training business from the ground up.

In The Book, You Will Discover:



After this section, you will be clear on your vision and goals with tools that will put you on track and keep you on track too!



Now is the time to start building your training business.  Systematising, building a team as well as extra extra income revenues that take the stress of the 'feast and famine' syndrome.



After building your business, now is the time to start establishing your business with strategies that will get your learners keep coming back for more



Without customers you have no business.  Marketing and growing a business is often done when you have no work, hence the 'feast and famine' syndrome.  Learn how to make sure you have a recurring revenue month in and month out.

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