I am really, really excited to announce that I am launching a new series of courses, both live and workshops and an audio courses, called ‘Getting Started’.

Each month I will be launching a new course that focuses helping you to get started with your e-learning products and how to sell them, this will be rolled out as a live course here in Bournemouth, UK, together with an online course as well as an audio course.

These courses are priced very low this year, however, next time I roll them out, the prices will be significantly increased, so this is your chance to get in as an early bird at early bird prices.

The Getting Started series offers you the chance to get started with your online e-learning business, however, a lot of the courses are ideal for people who want to create a passive income, as well as people who want to engage with their people with like workshops too.

So here is what to expect in the next coming months:-

Getting Started with…



Delivering live workshops




List building


E-learning products

The live workshops will be held in Bournemouth, UK, however, if you are unable to get to the live workshop, you can attend the class online, and if you want, you can purchase the online course with a 40% if you book the live course too!

So then, I am going to kick of these series of ‘Getting Started’ courses with ‘Getting started with blogging‘ which launches in September, for more information about this course, or to book, either the online course or the live session in Bournemouth.

The Getting Started with Blogging course is ideal if you want to start a passive income, you don’t have to necessary build a website with e-learning products to begin with, however, showing potential customers that you are the ‘go to’ person in your area of expertise is a must for strutting your stuff, engaging with your customers as well as list building and a base to put your e-learning products on.  So if you have not yet got your WordPress website or blog set up, or even if you have just started and have no idea where to go next, then this course is aim just for people like you.

You will learn how to install WordPress on your own site, as well as to define your niche and to see if there is a market for your product.  Please you will get to learn how to create, posts, pages, install themes, create a blogging calendar as well as learn how to promote it and sell products that you don’t have to create, but will get paid for by someone else’s products.  So, if you want to learn ‘How to get started with blogging’, or know someone who does, then click here for more information about this course.  And if you are in Bournemouth on the 19 September, I would love to meet up with you.

I look forward to seeing you real soon!



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