Time to Take Your Online Business to the Next Level?

Next session starts on the 16 September 2019

Kaz Johnson

Business Coach

Kaz Johnson is an online business coach.  Helping people to achieve their dreams of having a successful online business and the freedom it gives them.

Kaz Johnson

Success Club Coach

What You’ll Get During This Free 90 Day Goal Setting Workshop

Meeting up in our online meeting room each month over a period of 90 days, you will set up your business goals with clear action plans. 

You will also be held accountable for your goals so that you can get laser focused on planning, building or growing a successful online business.

What You’ll Do Before the monthly session

You will complete an assessment so that I can be clear about your goals so that I can help you with your monthly action plan

What Happens During the session

By attending the monthly session, I can help you focus on your top priory for the month that will help you stay on track

What Changes After the session

You will come away with a clear action plan that you can implement immediately and keep you laser focused on your goals 

About Kaz Johnson

Kaz Johnson trained as an IT and marketing trainer. 

Initially teaching in a local college, before setting up her bricks and mortar training business teaching IT, digital marketing.

In 2003, her circumstances changed, and she started delivering online courses and qualifications. 

After a lot of requests, Kaz set up the Success Club to help other people to plan, build and grow their online business.

What Are You Waiting For? Get laser focused on your online business goals