Session 44 – An introduction to online courses

I started my online training business in 2010 soon after I was divorced and I had to start from where I was, with what I had, a PC and the internet.  I was teaching in a bricks and mortar business, but this had to be sold as we owned the premises and it needed to get sold as part of the divorce settlement.

I started with an online course delivering the Teaching Qualification that I had been delivering in the classroom, so it was something I already new was in demand, but I was not sure how it would be received as an online course.  I started with MOODLE, a free open source Learning Management System, and set up a website to market it.  

I had only written the first lesson, as I did not want to write the whole course if it was something that people only wanted as a classroom course.  Within days I had sold my first online course!  Over time I have, through trial and error, perfected the system and it is the model that I use today.  


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