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Hello and welcome to session 77 This week I am talking to you about  How to grow your email list with a free email course.

Creating a free email course has to be one of the best ways to grow your email list and attract new leads from people who align with your offering.  It is also easier to create an email course than to write an e-book, however, you can also create videos for your email course if you so wish!

Why create an email course?

The main reason is it is a fantastic lead generator, especially if you are selling online courses! It also shows you as the ‘go to’ person in your industry!

The other reason is that an email course is more valuable than say perhaps an e-book as people can engage in a course as opposed to getting just another e-book that gets lost on people’s hard drive.

Finally, it engages your learner by getting them to do something and they will look for your email so that they can participate in the next lesson!

So, how do you create an email course?

First of all, like creating any course you need to start with your aims and objectives, I write about this in this post here.  Once you have defined these you need to start outlining the course.  I tend to write them in a Word document after I have popped them onto a post-it first.  You just need to put in the lesson titles at this stage.

Once you have the outline, then you can start filling in the steps that the learner needs to do.  Once you have completed that, it’s time to head over to your email provider, I use GetResponse and copy the lessons into your autoresponder so that the email lessons start dripping out over a period of time from when your subscriber signs up to the course.  After the final lesson, you can then create your pitch.

Why not sign up for a free email course on ‘How to create an email course’.  I show you the exact steps you need to do to set up your email course as a free Lite member on the Kaz Academy using Getresponse 

Do you know that as a free Lite member of the Kaz Academy you can also access further tips, courses, and resources?.  Just head on over to and join the Lite membership to access this and other free resources.

Finally, I want you to take a moment to grab a pen and paper, and do some brainstorming, what email course can you write for your lead generator?

That’s it for this week and I will speak to you next week.  Have a good one!

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