My name is Kaz Johnson, I am an educator and have run three training centres over the last 3 decades and for the last 8 years I have delivered online training and qualifications.  I am a qualified teacher, assessor and marketer and I am passionate about helping people to plan, build and market their own online business too!

I still run an online training business, but I also have a membership programme, the Kaz Academy, that enables people like you to plan, build and grow your online business with quick wins, in depth courses and a success road map that will help you stay focused and takes you by the hand, not only to tell you want you should be doing and when, but to show you the exact steps and software that I use in my business.  I have burnt the midnight oil, tried and tested lots of online tools to help me systematise my work and give me the freedom to choose how I work, when I work and to spend more quality time with those I love, my family.

Why I created this blog

I created this blog as I realised there are so many people who would like to start an online business and have no idea where to start or what tools to use, so my aim with this blog is to help you focus on starting an online business and gain control and focus on getting your online business up and running.

I will be focusing on planning, building and growing your online business with a weekly podcast that will help you gain control in planning, building and growing your online business and show you what tools I use, you can download my Toolkit here, and I will also send you updates, tips and offers that will help you to stay focused.

I also have a Facebook group for people just like you and you can join us here