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If you are interested in helping people to plan, build and grow their online business without all the hassle of creating your own business, then becoming an Online Business Academy Coach could be the answer for you.

What is an Online Business Academy Coach?

An Online Business Academy Coach helps people to plan, build and grow their online business.

They are passionate about helping other people and have a passion for success and helping other people to succeed too!

What do Online Business Academy Coaches do?

  • Help people make a lifestyle change and see results by supporting them and helping them stay committed to their goals
  • Connect people to the Online Business Academy Coach program and help them to get started on the path to building an online business.
  • Earn commissions by introducing people to theOnline Business Academy.

Benefits of becoming an Online Business Academy

An Online Business Academy Coach enables you to become your own boss and gives you complete freedom with the support and backup of your own Online Business Academy.

With a ready-made coaching program and your own website and systems already set up for you, you are ready to go from the get-go.

As a Online Business Academy coach, you earn 25% commission on every person who signs up to the Online Business Academy and receives 25% commission each month and every they are a member.

How much does it cost to become a Online Business Academy?

Signing up to become a Online Business Academy Coach costs $39.00 for the starter pack and your personalized website.

After 30 days, you’ll be automatically billed $15.00 per month to the credit card you provide.

This monthly fee covers a personalized website you can share with customers, access to the Online Business Academy, training, reporting, and personal development content.

You can cancel at any time with just one click.

What is in the starter pack?

  • A personalized website
  • A Online Business Academy Welcome Book
  • Access to your coaching office
  • Tools and resources to help you plan, build and grow your coaching business

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