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If you are going to deliver trainings online, then you will need to have a learning management system, most commonly referred to as LMS.

Online training is a rapidly growing business and it is a billions dollar industry!

The LMS is the software that that helps administer your courses and lessons.  It can hold videos, texts, quizzes and deliver certificates, learners can upload their assignments and teachers can grade them.  Some are open source like MOODLE, which means that they are looked after by lots of different people and are free, some can be paid for plugins, and some can be cloud based.

Choosing the right LMS can seem overwhelming.  When I first started delivering my courses online, there was really only one choice and that was MOODLE.  I have been using MOODLE for over 8 years and will finally decommission it at the end of the year when my last remaining learner finishes their course.

I have tried a few, and have finally settled with LearnDash as my chosen LMS.

Here is a quick round up then of some of the LMS:-

    • This is a free open source software that I have used and loved for the past with years, however, I moved over to another LMS purely as I felt that the newer LMS’s were much more user friendly.  There is a Paypal payment system you can use to enrol your learners with, or you can do as I did, use a shopping cart like ThriveCart that sends out their enrolment details along with the learners enrolment key.
  • TalentLMS
    • Cloud based software that has a free option, a great option to start off with, as you can create up to 5 courses before moving up to the paid version.  You can take a tour of this one here.  Mobile friendly as well, as it’s based on the cloud, there is nothing to install and you are ready for the off in no time!
  • LifterLMS
    • This is a WordPress plugin.  I used LifterLMS for quite a while, and was ver happy with it.  I use ThriveCart as my shopping cart, so I switched to LearnDash, however, you can use LifterLMS for free and just purchase there payment plugin if you want to charge for your courses.
  • LearnDash
    • This is the LMS I am currently using.  I use it with ThriveCart and use webhooks for the enrolment process. Very, very similar to LifterLMS, LearnDash is a WordPress plugin that you use on your own website.  You do not need to have a separate shopping cart like I do as learners see the course and self enrol themselves.  Currently you can try this for just £1.
  • Chamillo
    • Opensource software like MOODLE, so again free to use, you host it on your own website.  You can use it with BigBlueButton (the same plugin as MOODLE, where you can hosts live virtual meetings with your learners.   Easy to install from your CPanel using the one click installation with software, Softaculous.  Softaculous is so easy to use. You literal just tell it where you want it installed and what you want to call the name of your School.
  • Teachable
    • Hosted by Teachable and free to sign up, you literally set up shop on their website, they sell your course for you and you get a commission

There are many more LMS’s available now on the market, but take a look at the ones above and let me know your feedback!  I will be doing a more indepth review of online course platforms soon… stay tuned :-).

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Let me know what LMS you are using, and why you love it!