Kaz Johnson

I have been asked a few times to run live local events, so here goes.

Here is a list of some small 2 hour sessions that I will be running in Bournemouth During 2018:-

Title Date
Set up a blog 06/03/2018
Starting an online business 05/04/2018
Starting a podcast 03/05/2018
Marketing for small businesses 07/06/2018
Set up a website 05/07/2018
Creating online courses 06/09/2018
E-mail Marketing 04/10/2018
Affiliate marketing 08/11/2018


I am also going to be running a Business Boot Camp in September for people who want to, or have started a business and want to immerse themselves in a 4 day boot camp where you will learn how to set up a business a grow it using the latest strategies and tools that are on offer for low or little cost.