I have received a lot of requests wanting my online course as a live course.

So I am really excited to announce that I am going to be delivering three courses a year, plus a series of 2 hour workshops.

The are:- The Trainer School Workshop, this will be delivered in September 2018, The Business School Workshop, this will be delivered in March 2019 and finally, the Marketing School Workshop, which will be delivered in June 2019.

The workshops are a series of ‘Getting started with…’ covering things like blogging, SEO, Facebook, Twitter, instagram, automating your business, profiting from e-learning, creating an ebook, creating an online course, podcasting are just some of the topics covered in the ‘Getting Started’ series.

All these courses and workshops will be delivered in Bournemouth UK and will have the added bonus of having access to the online version of the course as well after to the event to help you revisit and revise the topics and resources.

Finally, you will also have access for a month to my open office so that you can ask me question.

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