4 Ideas for making money

My 4 ideas for making money online without a product

I started an online business without a product. I know what you’re thinking, how can you make money online without selling anything?

It is possible!

Here are 4 ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

1) Create engaging blog posts and articles about your niche.

I’m going to start with my first idea: Create engaging blog posts and articles about your niche. Part of what makes a blog post engaging is the way that you write it. In order to create interesting and engaging blog posts, it’s important to engage with your readers by using good rhetorical skills. This means that you should use concrete details, show rather than tell, vary sentence types and lengths, including anecdotes, analogies, and figurative language.

Details, images, and examples make your content more interesting because they give the reader something to think about. People like to muse about concrete examples and determine how they relate to their own lives. By showing rather than telling you to allow the reader a chance to deduce for themselves what you are saying, which allows them to develop their own opinions on the subject instead of just taking yours wholesale.

Varying sentence types and lengths keeps your audience engaged because it draws the reader’s attention back to your content. For example, if you are writing a blog post that is only ten sentences long and all of them are five sentences long with no paragraph breaks in between, the reader will probably start skimming around because your article doesn’t provide any relief from the consistent stream of short sentence after short sentence.

2) Do freelance work on Upwork

Do freelance work on Upwork or another website where you can find work in your niche, or do writing gigs on Fiverr.com.

I’m going to talk about two websites that allow you to find freelance work in your industry of choice: Upwork and Elance. With both websites, you can look for jobs by searching for a specific position in your industry, or create a job ad if there isn’t one available. You’ll write a short summary with details about what exactly you’re looking for and how much you want to pay. What sets this work apart from other forms of freelancing is the level of transparency each site provides; after all, before hiring someone it’s important to know all the different ways they can help you with your business or in this case, freelance work.

Elance and Upwork both provide detailed reviews of different freelancers to give potential clients an idea of the quality of work each freelancer provides so they don’t waste time working with someone that isn’t a good fit for their needs. Also, both sites allow you to view feedback left by past clients to see how they feel about working with the freelancer you’re interested in hiring. These sites are great options for finding freelance work, although they can be a bit more expensive than other jobs boards because you’ll need to pay for an account and that costs money.

3) Start a YouTube channel and make a video

Start a YouTube channel and make videos about a topic in your niche, ask for donations, offer free products for reviews, upload as many videos as you can to build up your following.

I’m going to talk about a few ways you can make money by making YouTube videos. As with anything, creating your own YouTube channel isn’t as easy as it looks. The first step is creating some sort of concept around your channel and the type of content you want to be producing and what format that will take. Once you have an idea of what you want to do, it’s time to start talking about your content and brainstorming topics.

Create a plan for how many videos you’ll make per week/month/day and stick with that plan as best you can. If you have the opportunity to get a sponsor for your channel, I’d highly suggest going in that direction. This is the best way to generate consistent income for your channel, although you’ll need a lot of views and followers before companies will want to sponsor you. It’s great for credibility too. You can also offer freebies or prizes for subscribing to your channel and commenting on videos. This will help increase engagement with viewers so they’re more likely to watch new videos as they come out.

If you just want to make money with YouTube without dealing with the stress of creating videos, improve your SEO and get Google Adsense on your channel. This will generate income for you when people watch videos on your site.

4) Promote affiliate links

if you have a blog that talks about products in your niche you should consider linking to those products when the opportunity arises (in related content).

You can do this in two different ways: you can either have a website where you’re talking about your niche or write articles for another site. If you decide to start your own blog that talks about things related to your topic of choice, you should consider promoting affiliate links on your site when the opportunity arises (think relevant posts). There are a few ways you can do this. You could include an affiliate link in a relevant post, or place the link at the bottom of your posts and write about why you like that product or service and why you’d recommend it to anyone who’s interested. This both adds credibility to your site while also providing an opportunity for advertisers to pay you if someone who visits your site clicks on that link and buys something.

If you decide to write articles for another website, you should consider including an affiliate link in the body of your article or at the bottom as a way of generating additional income. I’ve seen this done many times before and it’s useful when writing about products that are relevant to whatever type of content you’re writing.

If your niche is something like beauty or fitness and you want to create a website dedicated to that topic, there are two great options for monetization: display ads (Google Adsense) and affiliate links. Display ad revenue is pretty easy to come by, especially if your site has some sort of authority within the niche.

In the end, it’s important to remember that there are many ways to deal with procrastination and irrational beliefs for those who are interested in working on a project but not actually doing it. The best thing you can do is find what works for you. And remember- as long as it’s something that will help you make money, it can’t be procrastination.

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