Kaz Johnson's

Online Business Quick Start Course

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What you’ll discover in this course:

Start Your Own Business  Quickly And Easily


Module 1: Planning your online business

Let's start off at the beginning.  Here you will be Select Market and Target Audience, Market Research to Define Product & Value Proposition, and you will also learn how to Write Monetization Strategy & Basic Sales Funnel


Module 2: Building your online business

Now you have done all the planning, it's time to build your online business.  Here you will be looking at Will You Need Help? Team & Funding, the Legal side of things, Commission or Create a Conversion-Focused Website, 


Module 3: Growing your online business

You’re almost there!  Now your business is basically set up and you have created some quality content that you can offer to your audience, you’re ready to start really connecting with people and driving traffic to your page.


Module 4: Reviewing your online business

Now that you have been in business for a while, it is time to review your business and take a look at your next 90 days to find out what worked, what did not work so well and plan out the next 90 days moving forward.

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Start Your Own Business quickly and easily!  The next courses starts soon, so get on the course, and get your business started quicker than ever before!