Tools of the trade

What tools do I recommend 

Website Hosting


Making website creation easy and fun is what they do best. With their new Builder, you can create a professional looking site without ever having to worry about code!



The newest and most powerful marketing tool on the internet. With a simple interface, you can send emails or create pages to automate your business for success!

Social Media Automation


The Coschedule family of agile marketing tools is here to help you stay focused, deliver projects on time and make your team happy. The site offers an easy way for businesses large or small - companies need not apply! Get organized now with their online platform where there are hundreds if not thousands waiting in line who want what we have to Organize all of your marketing like blogs, social media, and more! 

About Kaz Johnson

Founder & SEO

My name is Kaz Johnson. I have run my own business since the 1980s and in 2003 took it online, never looking back!
I am an experienced and qualified marketer, tutor, coach and after a lot of trials and tribulations, people asked me how do I do what I do? After qualifying as a business mentor and coach with the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM), I now share my experience knowledge wisdom with you to help you succeed in planning your online business.