Kaz Johnson

An introduction to the Kaz Johnson

My name is Kaz Johnson and I trained and qualified as an IT Trainer in the 1980’s.  I taught in the local college and went on to set up my own training business from home after someone wanted me to teach them on a flexible basis.

I then set up a training business in the traditional bricks and mortar type of business, became an accredited training centre delivering IT qualifications.

After getting divorced and having to sell the premises, I went back to school and took my marketing qualifications as not only did I need some quality time out for me to decide where I wanted to go with my life.  I also wanted to study something that had always fascinated me, what motivates and drives people to buy products or services.

Starting with what I had, which was one PC and the internet, I started from where I was, I set up a training course that delivered the Teaching Qualifications.  Initially, I just created the course outline and put it out there to see if someone would be interested in buying an online course.  This is a method (which is now known as a minimum viable product (MVP)) I still use to this day, however, I now use a minimum of six weeks before learners can enrol.

In 2017 I stopped delivering the teaching and assessing qualifications, although people can still enrol on the course, they cannot take the qualification, as I burnt out, got sick and needed some time to re-evaluate my life.

Taking this much time out, I re-evaluated my life again, and I felt that I have gained so much knowledge and experience not only as an IT trainer, but someone who had created, sold and delivered online courses for over a decade, that I realised that there is a huge demand in the e-learning arena.

I created this blog and podcast as I realised that there is a lack of knowledge and resources that show people how to plan, build and sell online courses, that I decided to share this with people that will give them the confidence to plan, create and sell their own online courses.

So, if you are looking for answers, tips, and resources that will help you plan, create and sell your online courses, you have come to the right place.

I will blog on a weekly basis, and invite you to subscribe to my weekly newsletter below that will help you feel confident to create and sell your own online courses.