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Why you should consider a membership for your business

Today I am taking about memberships and how you can not only add another stream of income, but you can avoid the feast and the famine in your business too!

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If you are fed up with the ‘Feast and the Famine’ in your business, you might want to think about a membership for your site for recurring monthly revenues.

Today I am talking about why you need to consider a membership for your business

I have spoken before about the knowledge you have that show’s you as an expert in your field by offering online courses in session 019 here , adding on to that, a great source of income is having a recurring monthly income from sharing that knowledge and leveraging that knowledge with a recurring fee, each and every month.

For many years I have delivered training, either face to face, online or blended.  Be that a qualification or a CPD course.  It’s what I know and love.  I am passionate about teaching.  However, I also learnt, that this gave me the feast and famine, so times, lots of courses sold, other times there would be a lull, for example during the summer and Christmas months I would see a dramatic downturn in sales.

So I looked at other ways I could use my knowledge to help me avoid the feast and famine and looked at Prime Membership, as a model to look at a membership programme.

Memberships explained

A membership is subscription based model where the subscriber pays a recurring fee in exchange for a service, for example a gym membership, or in the case of Amazon, you can get videos, books, music, next day delivery.  Or in my case, in the Kaz Academy subscribers get master classes, quick win classes, a community hub, resources, member discounts on my products, an open office service and more.

Action Plan

I want you to grab a pen and paper and do some brainstorming… what could you offer as a membership to your target audience?


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