Karen:  This week I am talking about challenges and how to enjoy them!

When you first start a business, it’s exciting and you live off of your adrenaline for ages, and then the challenges arise and you wonder whey you ever started your business in the first place and often think about going back and getting a J. O. B.

I have often thought about how much easier it would be if I was employed by someone else without all the highs and lows running a business brings. One of the greatest challenges we all face is managing our own internal emotional state, especially in difficult situations.

However, here is my list of tips that gets me through the challenges and helps me sail through them.

Get focused on the solution, not the problem.  We often spend so much time ruminating over the problem instead of focusing on a solution.  Write the problem down, and get focused on finding the solution.  Often the solution can be divided into one of these three groups, dump it… delegated it or defer it.  Then make sure that you action it, it can be broken down into several tasks, but just make sure you schedule it into your diary.  You will find as soon as you have done this, you will start feeling in control.  Then what I tend to do is something each days until the problem is now more.  You will start to feel that you enjoy these challenges now that you have taken control of them.

The more challenges we have on our plate, the more we need to deal with the stress that can come with it. Here are some of the things I have found really beneficial when facing challenges and stress

My number one tip is to Exercise. Yup, and I hate exercise!  However, this has to be one of my number one priorities as over the years I have suffered amazing amounts off stress, and the more challenges I have faced, the more I have found that exercise increases my ability to focus on the challenge in hand.

Coupled with exercise, I take take time in nature. Marc G  Berman, who  is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology has shown that interacting with nature improves the quality of a person’s life and their brain functioning as well. Every day, or at least once a week if you live in a big city, get out in nature and spend some time in the serenity of the great outdoors.  I also have started to plan for my 1/4 reviews in nature with taking a few days to digitally detox and allow myself to think… to see, to hear..So I plan my day to get outside, come rain or shine, at the beginning of my day to walk for 20 mins.  I used to listen to podcasts or audio books, now I just observe, I look at the sun rising, the birds singing, and just learn to be in the present moment.

On the flip side of exercise, take a nap, by taking 25 minutes to sleep mid day during the week, power napping  will re-charge you and get you more focused.

Focus – “Success isn’t magic or hocus-pocus – it’s simply learning how to focus.” — Jack Canfield.  In the power of focus book by Jack Canfield, he states how learning to focus helps you get to your end goal, and its when you get to your challenges, you need to remember your end goal,

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