This week I am talking to you about how to stay on track with setting goals and doing reviews.


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Today I am talking about goal setting and reviews

“He who fails to plan is planning to fail” …Winston Churchill

As a teacher, we are taught planning to the enth degree and it must of been one of the most useful things I ever learnt as a teacher.

From planning schemes of work (looking at the overall picture) to planning lessons plans… a breakdown of what I am to teach in that lesson.  I have used this model to plan most things and have found it invaluable in life.

An hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing.- Dale Carnegie

It is true that we need to plan the most, when we feel we do not have the time, however as Dale Carnegie says, 1 hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing.

I hate the feeling of being stressed and I get round this by setting goals and doing reviews.

Whilst I plan out my whole year ahead in December, I also break my year into 12 weeks.

Each 12 weeks I also review by business and re-set my goals for the next 12 weeks ahead.

In the book, The 12 week year, by Brian Moran Pagem, Brian States that

“you can Get More Done in 12 Weeks Than Others Do in 12 Months”

by following his steps you will”-

  • Take back control of your day
  • Increase your income
  • Balance the priorities in your life
  • Lower your stress
  • Accomplish your goals in record time

Each 1/4 I take time out to review what went well, what didn’t go so well, and what I would do different next time.  We are taught as teachers to do this after each lesson we deliver and it has stood me in good ground for running my business.

This is how I have managed to keep going in my business and my business has evolved to what is today because of it.

It is so easy to go after bright shinny objects, and I, for one are guilty of this.  We often start our day with no clear idea of what we are supposed to do to keep us on track and with so many notifications popping up on our phone or laptop, its easy to get distracted and before you know it, the day just went….

By scheduling in a review day each 1/4 for the whole year ahead, and I schedule mine for April, June, September and December in the December planning session.

By focusing your goals into smaller manageable chuncks and reviewing them reguarlary helps you stay laser focused and gives you the clarity and a sense of urgency that helps you to get things done, if you like me, tend to thrive on the pressure of urgency.

We all seem to do it… a report or paper often gets left till the last minute, then we tend to turn them out really well when we have a shorter deadline. I also found that when I was teaching, if I got the learner to turn in the project with a tight timescale they would produce better work than if I gave them a long timescale, they seem to become languid in their learning.

So, who wants to join me on my next setting goals and review workshop? Yes? I would like to invite you to join me on an online workshop where you can review your last 3 months and start planning your next 3 months.  With a workbook for you to complete that will help you get on track and stay on track too!  Just head on over to to sign up for the next workshop.

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That’s all for this week, so I would like to say a massive thank you for taking time to listen to me, and I will speak to you next week.

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