Creating and selling printables on Amazon’s KDP

Session 103 – Creating and selling printables on Amazon’s KDP

Creating and selling printables on Amazon’s KDP

Hello and welcome to the Kaz Johnson Show, my name is Kaz Johnson and I am your host today, this is episode 103 and today I am talking about Creating and selling printables on Amazon’s KDP.

So first of all if you don’t know what a printable is, it’s a digital download in the form of art, graphic designs, and even text in a form of a book or colouring books, either children’s or adults, which seem to be really popular at the moment.

Or upload them to places like Amazon where people purchase your printable in the form of a book and Amazon will pay you royalties when someone purchases your printable.

You can also sell printables on your own website or places like Etsy, but today, I am just going to focus on selling printables on Amazon.

Amazon is great for selling printables because they will market it for you, print it out, send it to the customer, take the payments and deal with all the customer service. You just need to create the printable and upload it to Amazon KDP website, get it approved and then collect the royalties when Amazon sells it.

So, where do you start…

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