How you can sell more by giving your book away for free.

Session 105 – How you can sell more by giving your book away for free.

How you can sell more by giving your book away for free.

You are listening to the Kaz Johnson Show. Hello and welcome to session 105.  This week I am talking to you about how you can sell more by giving your book away for free.

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Hello and welcome to the Kaz Johnson Show, my name is Kaz Johnson and I am your host today, this is episode 105 and today I am talking about how you can sell more by giving your book away for free.

You can use your book as a lead magnet to upsell your course or a follow on the book either on your own website or on Amazon.

You need to bear in mind your audience, and keep to the same industry, why? If you have written a book on fishing, there is no point in trying to upsell a course on knitting. So for example, I have a ‘getting started with…” series, that I then hope to upsell a ‘advancing with…’ series.

My main focus is that I only market to people who want to plan, build or grow an online business, period!

By giving your book away for free, not only builds your email list that will in turn help you to sell more in the long run, but it builds trust, you get to show your target audience that you can deliver the expertise you say that you are. That very same customer will only be to eager to purchase your next book or course because they now trust you and you are building a relationship with them.

On Amazon, you can give away a free chapter, but you will not be able to collect an email address, but that’s ok, you are building trust and you can put links into the free part back to your website for another free resource, that way you can build your mailing list. Even if you give the whole book away on Amazon for free as a Kindle book, you build that trust, again, you can put in free links to resources that link back to your website to download a checklist or an exercise for them to do.

Also, if you have a Facebook group, you can promote your free book there, because unless you are collecting people’s email addresses when they sign up to the group, you are building your business onto rented ground, you want to move members from the group onto your emailing list.

If you don’t have a Facebook group, I suggest that you start one. The goal here is to interact with people to show them how you can help them, then move them onto your mailing list to further show how you can help them and start building that relationship with them. I would recommend a closed group as it will limit spam, but you can put a link in the group’s description for people to download your free book or chapter and get them onto your mailing list.

People think that by giving away your book for free that they are losing sales, in fact, it’s quite the opposite, you will increase your sales. You need to think about your free book, or chapter as a marketing tool and use it to advertise your next book or course. Once your reader has read your free chapter they will be eager to read the next chapter, or book, or to enroll in your course to see what is next.

Think of it as a trailer to a film.

You see a bit for free, then when your appetite has been whetted, you are eager for more, and if you are on Netflix or Amazon, you pop it into your list to watch later. Or if you are at the movies, and watch a trailer for a film, you make a mental note that you will come back to watch the film when it has been released. That is why you see so many authors giving away a book or chapter for free.

You could also ask for a donation, they then pay for what they want, you can set up a donation button with Paypal, if you are a member of the Success Club, there is a quick win tutorial on how to do this. If you are not a member, head on over to the Success Club and join as a Lite member for free to access this quick win tutorial.

And there you go, so it’s over to you to go and set up a book or chapter to give away for free so that you can start selling more.

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Thank you for joining me this week whilst I talk about How you can sell more by giving your book away for free.

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