Session 106 – Why an email list is critical to your business.

Why an email list is critical to your business

You are listening to the Kaz Johnson Show. Hello and welcome to session 106. This week I am talking to you about why an email list is critical to your business.

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Hello and welcome to the Kaz Johnson Show, my name is Kaz Johnson and I am your host today, this is episode 106 and today I am talking about why an email list is critical to your business.

I send out a weekly newsletter each Tuesday to my list of customers. In this weekly newsletter, I have snippets of information, from tips, offers, and updates. People can then skim the email and choose what they want to follow up with.

Start a weekly newsletter

I start the weekly newsletter with a personal note from myself, letting people know what I have been up to. It’s a bit like writing a letter to a friend, it’s informal and newsy, then I go over other topics. The newsletter also has links within the newsletter for people to follow up with if they choose to.

Over the years, I found that the open rate for my weekly newsletter to be higher and I have fewer unsubscribes as people expect the newsletter in their inbox each Tuesday. It saves me having to send multiple emails each week as I have a scannable newsletter with all the weekly news in just one email.

Now then, the main reason you should start building an email list from as soon as you have decided on your business model, from selling online courses, selling other peoples products or services as an affiliate, is to build your relationship with the customer, just as you would build a relationship with a friend, you share information to start building that trust.

Email list building

email list building starts with defining your customers and segmenting them so that in future you only send them the information that they want, even though I add them to my weekly newsletter, you also need to start building a sales funnel too.  And one of my main reasons to build an email list from the get-go is that you own that list. Building your business on places like Facebook, is worrying, why? Because Facebook owns Facebook and can change the way it works, but by having built your own email list, you can contact your customers any time you wish as you own your list.

So, how do you start building your email list? Well, there are several ways you can do this, here are just some.

Add a call to action

When you create a blog or a page on your website, make sure you put a call to action on each.

You can also include a pop-up, or a slider on your website, incorporating your call to action, I use Convertbox which is fantastic as you can choose from a variety of templates that will segment and track everything. It also has built-in lead capture forms that connect with your email providers, and one of the best features that it has is that you can target your visitors with personalised messages based on your data, site activity and referring site, plus lots more.  If you head on over to and go to the resources section, I have a special lifetime offer for you on Convertbox.

You can also add a call to sign up for your newsletter on your social media accounts, tell people you send out a weekly, newsletter with offers, tips, and updates.

Lead magnets

When you offer a lead magnet as your call to action, make sure that you will also tell them you will send them a weekly newsletter with tips, offers and updates each week that will help them in your chosen area.

Most people want to know when you have a new product or offer and if you let them know in advance what you are working on, they will look forward to when you launch it, they have been taking along with your journey, just as you would tell a friend.

Most people check their email as soon as they wake up, so you will be in their minds first thing in the morning. However, I use Getresponse and schedule my newsletter to arrive in their inboxes at the most likely time that they will open it, so your newsletter will not get lost in the sea of over emails.

So, let me tell you then, that the most critical reason you should be building a list for your business, is to build trust with your customer and when a customer trusts you, they are more likely to buy from you.

So, get started today if you have not started your email list, and if you already have, do you make sure that you make this a number one priority in your business?

Do a brain dump

Do a brain dump of all the things you offer, and see what you can offer your customers something for free and then get started with sending our newsletter each week.

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Thank you for joining me this week whilst I talk about Why an email list is critical to your business.

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