Session 108 – Setting goals for your social media

Setting goals for your social media

You are listening to the Success Club Podcast. Hello and welcome to session 108 This week I am talking to you about Setting goals for your social media

Hello and welcome to the Success Club Podcast, my name is Kaz Johnson and I am your host today, this is episode 108 and today I am talking about Setting goals for your social media.

So many people don’t understand why their social media efforts don’t work for them and one of the reasons to this is that they use a scattergun approach and they just don’t plan it, deliver it or evaluate it on a consistent basis.

So the first thing you need to do is to Identify Your Goals. As Steven covey once said,

So you need to think about what it is you want to achieve with your social media efforts and make sure that you plan your goals to be a SMART goal.


Vague goals like “get more business” don’t help companies pinpoint their objective and create measures of Success. Goals state exactly what is expected of the initiative.


Being able to definitively answer “yes, we hit the goal” or “we missed the goal by 20%” is a good goal standard.


Out of reach goals are demoralising and frustrating. Having to stretch to hit a goal is productive, but don’t go overboard with expectations.


A social media marketing goal needs to tie into marketing’s overall goal. Is it to build an audience? Increase website traffic? Strengthen branding? Make sure the goal relates to the bigger picture.


Dates and times keep companies accountable to their goals. Stay on track by breaking up a large project like this into mini-goals that each has their own deadline.

Your next step then is to need to plan it out, I tend to plan mine out in 90 days – each of my month’s have a theme, so I know what I am writing about as well as creating content for the Success Club with courses and quick wins, I write in my planner what my theme is and just focus on that for the month.

I also plan my social media around this so that I know what my goals are. Because I do this, I can see what my stats are for a particular topic and see which topic gets more traction that then helps me to plan further around a popular topic.

Once you have planned out your social media goal, you now need to decide your you are going to deliver it.

I use Co-schedule for the delivery of all my social media campaigns from promoting my blog and podcast, to general social media messages to all of my social media platforms. You can use Co-schedule to create content too, although to be honest, I write my blogs out first in Scrivener, then copy it over to MarsEdit. I love the way C0-schedule’s calendar is laid out to that you can see in advance what messages are going out. Co-schedule will also add evergreen content to any gaps it sees too! I could go on and on about Co-schedule, but why not try it for yourself? You can try it for free, I will put a link for you in the show notes, so if you head on over to and head down to the resources at the bottom of the post.

Then finally you need to measure it, I use Co-schedule’s tool, as you can utilise your social network reports to identify the top messages and I can then create content I know my audience will love, but you can measure your analytics by using Google’s Analytics or Hootsuite.

So this week then, I have a little action plan for you… grab a pen a paper and jot this down. Choose a Social Media Goal for Your CampaignHere are some of the most common goals you can set:• Email signups• Trials and demo registrations• Purchases• Downloads of lead generating content• Contact form inquiries

All of these goals are a trackable goals, so I want you to choose one, set a goal for it then track it ….Then you can tweak it and repeat it.

If you want to be held accountable to your goals that will help you to plan, build and grow your online business, why not join the Success Club Accountability Program? It’s free, but you have to apply for a place as members are chosen depending on their ability to show up, so are limited and applications are reviewed manually.

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That’s it for this week thank you whilst I talk about Setting goals for your social media

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