Getting started with mentoring

Session 109 – Getting started with mentoring

Getting started with mentoring

You are listening to the Success Club Podcast. Hello and welcome to session 109 This week I am talking to you about getting started with mentoring.

Hello and welcome to the Success Club Podcast, my name is Kaz Johnson and I am your host today, this is episode 109 and today I am talking about getting started with mentoring.

But it is good to start a mentoring program for your online business as a way of sharing that knowledge you already have and people will pay handsomely for too. So what exactly is mentoring? Mentoring is essentially about helping people to develop more effectively. This can be within your business or it could be a program that you develop and deliver online.

However, Mentoring is not the same as training, teaching or coaching. It is more bout asking questions to find out what the individual’s goals are so that they can lead and guide that person to their goals.

They need to offer support and help the individual to use self-reflection so that the individual can help put their own action plan in order. I often ask the mentee, what went well, what did not go so well, and what would you do differently next time?

So how would you offer a program that you became the mentor?

After doing an initial assessment of the mentee, you can write an individual learning plan for them, and them give them a roadmap for them to follow, with a way for that mentee to ask questions as they go along their journey, and you can offer, say, weekly coaching sessions with them as an individual, or in a group.

So what skills do you need as a mentor?

Well, you need to have self-awareness – you should have a good understanding of your own strengths and development needs.

You will also need credibility – you should have personal and professional credibility, someone who has proved themselves in their field or industry

You also need to be willing and able to commit sufficient time to your mentee to offer support and guidance, you could do this by having a support system in place, for example I have support desk where they can either find an answer to their question, or they can raise support ticket, but I also have a monthly Q and A session, where people can submit for me to answer, and I record this Q and A session for people to view it at a time to suit them.

You will also need to have excellent communication skills and be able to understand the ideas and feelings of others and on the back of that, you also need to be a great listener.

You will also need to have a desire to help others develop – you should understand how individuals develop and have the experience, either formally or informally, of developing others.

As a mentor, you should also be open to new ways of doing things and different ways of working.

As well as the ability to empathise with others and you should be prepared to try to understand different perspectives, approaches and possibly backgrounds of different mentees.

When you start mentoring you can either start with the goal and work logically through the model or you can move the model around, starting with the reality and then the goal if this works best. Remember to always finish with the way forward and ensure that this is set and owned by the mentee.

First of all, get the mentee to focus on the future and on what THEY want to achieve as an individual. It is not about where you think they should be aiming.

Then ask questions to help the mentee establish where they are now. If you work with the individual directly you may need to give feedback on actual performance.

Then help the mentee to identify what different options are open to them and ask questions to help them explore the reality of each of these options. You could share your own experiences if the mentee is struggling to identify sufficient options and beware of being too directive.

Mentoring is really rewarding, to watch an individual grow from where they were to where they are now is so satisfying. So, give it a try, think about what and who you could mentor, then ask people around you and do some digging to find out what kind of program you could set up to offer this as an online service. I do this with the Success Club. I have a Road Map of people’s journey that set’s them a plan of where they are now and where they would like to be, they have the exact steps they need to do to get them to where they want to be.

I have a monthly Q and A session, as well as a support desk that is open to them, with an accountability group as well, for people to be held accountable for their goals

If you want to be held accountable to your goals that will help you to plan, build and grow your online business, why not join the Success Club Accountability Program? It’s free, but you have to apply for a place as members are chosen depending on their ability to show up, so there are limited and applications are reviewed manually.

This podcast is sponsored by the Success Club, a membership program that helps you to plan, build and grow your online business. With a monthly masterclass, and Q and A session, quick wins, an online networking event, and resources all designed to help you plan, build and grow a successful online business.

That’s it for this week, and I will speak to you again next week whilst I talk about Getting started with mentoring

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