Session 110 – Why you need to focus first your your sales funnel to grow your business

Why you need to focus first your sales funnel to grow your business

You are listening to the Success Club Podcast. Hello and welcome to session 110 This week I am talking to you about getting Why you need to focus first your sales funnel to grow your business

Hello and welcome to the Success Club Podcast, my name is Kaz Johnson and I am your host today, this is episode 110 and today I am talking about sales funnels.

I have spoken to a lot of people over at the Success Club community and I was amazed that people did not have a sales funnel in place and some did not even know what a sales funnel.

So, to begin with, I will explain exactly what a sales funnel is. Basically put, it is the buying process that companies lead customers through when purchasing products. With an online business this typically means that you offer a lead magnet, and this could be a free ebook, webinar or a consultation in exchange for their email address so that you can start a relationship with them, You then can start sending out a regular email offering further tips and offers that eventually, and hopefully, to a sale.

Most of this is done automatically, but so many people do not have one in place.

So why do you need to focus first on your sales funnel? Unless you start focusing first on your sales funnel you will get traffic to your website, but unless you have a clear focused set out sales funnel with a call to action. You need to tell them what they should be doing next, ie, sign up for a free (insert whatever your free ebook is), they will just leave your website and possibly they will not return as they will forget about you.

However, if they took the bait, and signed up for your lead magnet, you then will be able to start that relations ship with them, sending them further offers, perhaps sending them over to your community, perhaps on your Facebook group, so that you can start showcasing your wares and show your expertise and generally interacting with them through your posts and perhaps private messaging.

So now you have a two-way connection, that great, but you need to think about your communications that you send out to them – how often do you communicate with them. I found at least once a week, and I do this by sending out an email to them automatically every few days first and then every 7 days.

The format that I found works well for me, as Gary Vanerchuck says, in his book ‘jab’ jab’ jab’ right hook… I like to think about it as value, value, value offer. And what do I mean by this? It means for 3 emails I send out things like tips, mini trainings and other things that will give them value and on the 4th email, I send them an offer. It could be a £1 for 30 days in my membership, or a discount on one of my ebooks or courses.

I have tried many different formats of sending out my emails, and at the moment, I have settled for send out specific emails to the topic and them moving them over to my weekly emails that send them the weekly email list. I am currently trying out to sending them another email when my blog and podcast is published adding on a more personal note at the beginning of the email.

My focus is not on selling, as much, but my focus is on building my sales funnel. I look at all the ways I can connect with people, from blogging, podcasting, building a facebook community, then moving them over to my sales funnel.

In my sales funnel, I also have the opportunity to tag people, I use Getresponse, and it automatically will tag people if they are not very engaged, they will eventually remove them from your list.

The idea here is that by focusing on my sales funnel, I am much clearer of the bigger picture and focus more on building a sales funnel than selling.

So, I want you to think about your own sales funnel, that is if you have one in place. How can you fine-tune it and do you have the ‘value, value, value, offer’ system?

I have a free webinar on this topic that was recorded from my weekly mini training that you can join here. And if you are listening to this as a podcast, just head on over to, On this quick win mini training, you will learn about sales funnels and why they are important.  Not only that, but you will also see an example and be able to download the cheatsheet.

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