Session 115 – Is your online course viable?

Is your online course viable?

You are listening to the Success Club Podcast. Hello and welcome to session 115 This week I am talking to you about Is your online course viable?.


Hello and welcome to the Success Club Podcast, my name is Kaz Johnson and I am your host today, this is episode 115 and today I am talking about Is your online course viable?

The first online course I ever wrote, was the Teaching qualification. I just wanted to find out if people would be interested in taking this qualification online. So I wrote out the course outline from the learning outcomes of the qualification, put up a sales page, outlined the course lessons and put the first lesson on Moodle, a learning management system.

Low and behold, someone bought the course within days… this is how I learned to create a minimum viable online course, I have, however, tweaked it over time.

It is the same method I use now to find out whether or not a course is viable.

However, as I said, I have now added other ways to find out if my new online course is viable and here is what I use.

Identify your audience.
Get as detailed a vision as you can of who your target customers are. – What do they want to learn? Why do they need to learn it? Is it to gain a qualfication to advance their careers, learn an essential skill that will improve their prospects or achieve compliance in their industry? This is how I started out, and why someone purchased my first course almost immediately and I can guarantee this is the kind of course content people will pay for. It has value to them because it helps them to achieve their goals.

Join Facebook groups where your target learners are. This way you can get to know their likes, desires and gripes and you can help people by answering their questions too, this will also help you to dig deeper and help you write the course that people need.  Find out about the challenges your learners face. Can you offer a solution to their problem? If you can set up a Zoom meeting to talk to a few of them so that you can get valuable insights and invited them to a call either on your Facebook group, or by messaging someone who has written posts on other people’s Facebook Groups that align with what you are offering

Set up a sales landing page and pre-sell your course – I tend to do this with a 6 week lead time. As soon as one person purchases it, you know this course is viable one and can start to write out the first lesson with videos, action plans and content.

Do a keyword search for your course idea. Head on over to Google keyword- planner 

Another quick way to validate your course idea is to see if other people are offering similar courses to you. Just hop on over to google again, this time type in the keywords that you believe people will use when searching for your offering.

Now then, Are there paid ads? Are people selling similar courses? If the answer to these two questions then, great as this shows that there is a need for your type of course.

What you now need to do is to create your course, but make sure that it is better and show that your course offers move value

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Thank you for joining me this week whilst I talk about Is your online course viable?

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