Offering teasers on Social Media

Session 123 – Offering teasers on Social Media

Offering teasers on Social Media

You are listening to the Success Club Podcast. Hello and welcome to session 123.   This week I am talking to you about  Offering teasers on Social Media.

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Hello and welcome to the Success Club Podcast, my name is Kaz Johnson and I am your host today, this is episode 123 and today I am talking about  Offering teasers on Social Media.

A great product launch should begin with a teaser campaign. I remember years ago seeing the teaser campaign for the launch of the Orange mobile network, it had me hooked to find out what it was all about.

I stared transfixed to tv, watching advert after adverts to find what it was all about. Now you can do the same with your product.

Just like when Orange Mobile created their teaser campaign, I just had to find out what this was all about, their campaign had me hooked to find out what it was all about, what was coming up.

And the good thing about teaser campaigns is that they work for nearly everyone on most platforms.

So how do you get started?

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That’s it for this week, so thank you for joining me this week whilst I talked about Offering teasers on Social Media.

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