How I started my online business

Session 130 – How I started an online business, my story.

You are listening to the Success Club Podcast. Hello and welcome to session 130 This week I am talking to you about my story and how I started an online business.

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Hello and welcome to the Success Club Podcast, my name is Kaz Johnson and I am your host today, this is episode 130 and today I am talking about my story and how I started an online business.

I did not set out to work online, in fact, I ended up here out of necessity and to be honest, I would not change it for the world.


The 1980’s

So, let’s go way, way back to the 1980’s, I had my second child and wondered what to do next, and a friend of mine suggest I go back to college.

And so I did and I took a computer course, this led me to other courses and it was my teacher who suggested to me that I took up teaching other IT as I was always helping them out.

It was an epiphany because I could do something to help other people in the hours that my children were at school and get paid for it to. It also let me have all the school holidays off as well as being there for them to take them to school in the mornings and to collect them from school. It was to be the perfect job!

So, after taking as many IT courses and getting qualified in the areas I wanted to teach, I went on to take my Teacher’s Diploma in IT. It was a teaching qualification that specialised in teaching IT.

After I qualified, I took a position as an IT teacher in the local colleges and everything worked like clockwork, then, a friend came up to me telling me that she wanted to come to class, but she could not make it at the same time each week and could I teach her privately. So I did, it seemed there was a demand for this type of training and soon, one became two, became 12 and as I was teaching from my house, soon outgrew my space and moved into rented offices. I then became accredited to offer qualifications too!

The noughties

The noughties

In the year 2000, there was a meltdown, I got crazy busy as people wanted people to be trained on new software due to the 20k the Millennium bug and I started working round the clock to fit everyone in

Soon I outgrew these offices and needed to take on other trainers and staff to, as I was getting ultra-busy. Unfortunately, both my health and my relationships started to suffer, so much so, that my husband filed for divorce. This hit me like a brick wall and I needed to close the business as I owned the building that the business was in.

So, unemployed and not knowing where to go or what to do next, I decided to go back to college and study marketing, advertising and PR.

After selling all the equipment and the premises, I was left with no money and had to purchase my half of my house from my now ex-husband. So I had to start from where I was, with what I had, which was a PC, internet and the knowledge in my head. So I created a website, created an online course, and put it out there! Two days later, I had sold a course. This was 2003 and this course was a Teaching Qualification. It was the basis of all that followed.

Fast forward to 2010, after having a team and delivering teaching and assessing courses and qualifications, I had other people asking me if I could teach them how to do what I do.

I shut down my accredited training centre as now I was ready for a change. Things were happening with the education sector that I no longer believed in, so I took some time off and then set up The Success Club, I now help other people to become successful in planning, building and growing their business online.

So there we have it. I have had good times and hard times and lessons that took me a while to learn, and that is that my health has to take priority, whiteout my health I have nothing, but working online enables my business to carry on, whether I am sick or not, it’s a passive income, but you still need to keep working at it.

I learned a lot from being a teacher and one of the greatest lessons, I learned it to plan, action, and review. I do this every week, month, 12 weeks and yearly. I have learned that you need a daily schedule to get things done. So although I love my freedom to do what I want to when I want to, I have to accept that you need to have routines, because it’s routines that set you free. I talk more about routines in session 121– routines help you become successful here.

Now as I look back over my 40-year career, I would not have changed a thing, everything I have learned back in college has given me transferable skills that I use today, from touch typing to using IT, from marketing to teaching people how to teach, it has all come into its own.

There have times I have gotten really sick and have not worked for weeks on end, but this time I have me time to reflect on what I am doing, and why am I sick right now.

So, as I write this, we are currently in lockdown due to the Corona VID 19 pandemic. My daughter called me to see if I am ok, but then she said something that made me smile as her life if so different from mine, she said ‘but mum, it’s ok for you, this is how you work anyway and for you, your life doesn’t change really’. It made me realise how life has nudged me to how I got here to where I am now, and how blessed I am.

So, that is my story to how I got here, what about you? What is your story? Please let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for joining me this week.

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