starting a blog so that you can start filling that ever green sales funnel.

Session 149 – Starting a blog to fill your sales funnel

Starting a blog to fill your sales funnel

You are listening to the Success Club Podcast. Hello and welcome to session 149. This week I am talking to you about starting a blog so that you can start filling that evergreen sales funnel.

Hello and welcome to the Success Club Podcast, my name is Kaz Johnson and I am your host today, this is episode 149 and today I am talking about starting a blog so that you can not only fill your sales funnel to help people to find you, but to make money from monetising it, and to help you with your own personal development as well!

One way to make money from your blog is to sell from it directly, but it also serves to help you add that know, like and trust with your customers as well as to show people how you can serve them and to help you start building your list with options with value-driven things like cheat sheets, videos, memberships and more!

Before you even start your blog to help you fill your sales funnel, you need to sit down with a pen a paper and decide what you are going to blog about. I want you to think about what you do, sell and are passionate about. It is your passion that will help you when things get tough, and yes there will be days when you find it tough and do not want to post a blog, but it will be your passion that will see you though

Brainstorm some ideas here, either using a pen an paper or something like Mindmeiters. Choose several names and then pick a blog name. Choose something descriptive and see if that domain is free – you can use this tool.

Then you need to get your blog online. Register your blog and get hosting. I use Bluehost for my blog hosting and they have an amazing tool that will help you set up a WordPress site, which is free and Google loves it, and Bluehost has an amazing offer for you at the moment, check it out here.

Now install WordPress, you can use Bluehost’s one-click installer to do this, and then you will need to customize your blog by choosing a free template and tweak it.

So now you can brainstorm some ideas for your blog, remember that here are some ideas that you can use to create your posts.

This is a great way to help people find you, but can you solve their problem and how can you do this? Tell them about their pain points and tell them how you can help them!

Don’t forget that call to action (CTA) where you can offer them a freebie in exchange for their contact details then you can start a relationship with them and add them to your evergreen sales funnel.

Frequently asked questions

What do they ask about in social media? Look at people’s questions in comments or emails and then write the question and give the answer in a blog post is one great way to get them into your sales funnel.

Ask people what they need help with.

This is a great way to write a post. You can do this by asking on social media as a post, or by doing a poll. It’s a great eye-opener as to what they need to help you and a great way to write some blog posts too!

Look at your competition!

It took me a while to do this, but your competition will have done the research for you, and if you are stuck about what to write about, a good look at your completion will give you some ideas here. I don’t want you to copy their posts, but to take some inspiration from them. Just jot some ideas down and then do the research on them.

Now write & publish your first post.

The fun part! Take the ideas you have jotted down and now you can write 5 more posts. Don’t forget that done is better than perfect here. You just want to get into the swing of writing and posting on a regular basis here.

You want to get your readers hooked into what you are passionate about.

It’s time to promote your blog.

Get more people to read your blog by publishing it everywhere! I use Co-schedule to promote my blogs, it’s a great tool that saves me time and having to think as they push my posts and social media out on a consistent basis for you as well as analysing it for you too! I have a great video for you about Co-schedule here 


Set a schedule to write consistently

I write my blog each Monday and it is the consistent writing and sharing of your blog that will help people to find you and you can start filling your sales funnel consistently and make it an evergreen sales funnel.

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