Using Facebook to market your business organically

Session 150 – Using Facebook to market your business organically

Using Facebook to market your business organically


You are listening to the Success Club Podcast. Hello and welcome to session 150. This week I am talking to you about Using Facebook to market your business organically

Hello and welcome to the Success Club Podcast, my name is Kaz Johnson and I am your host today, this is episode 150 and today I am talking about Using Facebook to market your business organically

Last week I talked about you evergreen sales funnel, this week we are going to talk about filling your sales funnel with attention, remember, this was the first stage of your funnel, and now we are going to create that interested.

Last week I talked about evergreen sales funnels, if you have not read that yet, you can do so here


So as I explained in the AIDA model, that you need to encourage all four actions to get a sales, you can use Facebook as a tool to complete all these areas, for example, you can get someone to join your group or like your Facebook page, this would be raising awareness.

Then you can get them involved and write posts that are able to inspire and educate them, for example, you could educate them about your product or service, or by doing a challenge for them.

By doing a challenge, this would gauge a desire for them to actively participate in something of interest to them.
Also, a challenge helps people to take action, it would be a desire.

All these organic actions are opportunities to help your customers through the middle of the funnel, and by creating a call to action, for example, your challenge, you are getting their contact details from them to help start that know, like and trust relationship you often here about.


Other areas to attract organic growth with Facebook as well as challenges are promos. These can be anything from competitions on Facebook, a special offer, I give something for free as well as low cost, to segregate the tyre kickers from the real deal people as you can waste so much of your precious time and effort on the wrong fit for both you and your customers.

Meaning that by concentrating on the wrong person, takes away the time you need to spend on the right person. So you need to be focusing on the right target audience, by now you will have set up your vision of the right target audience.

So, challenges, completions, special offers, what else can you think about that would help you to market your business on Facebook organically?

Take a pen a paper and make a list of these things and then add them to your organic marketing strategy and don’t forget to measure the results too!

So other ways I use Facebook to create organic growth are blog posts. As soon as I have published a post I post a link back to it on Facebook. I also use a tool called Co-schedule, this publishes it at the right time that it will be seen, it also publishes on a regular basis later in time too!

If you publish a guide, either in your post or somewhere else, this is a great place to talk about it, linking it back to it’s source asking for the person’s contact details in return for the guide, cheatsheet or article.

I know of people who use quizzes as part of their organic Facebook marketing strategy as everyone loves a good quiz, this can also be done on Facebook or this can get the project taken away from Facebook to another source. You can instantly collect social feedback to better understand your customers and prospects on Facebook using Quiz, its a free app that you can use as part of your arsenal.

This all adds up to be part of the bigger picture for you, but you need to be consistently posting something of vales, is it educational, is entertaining, and above all does it focus on a result for both you and the customer?

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