How I started my own online business

Session 153 – How I started my online business

How I started my online business


You are listening to the Success Club Podcast. Hello and welcome to session 153. This week I am talking to you about How I started my online business

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Hello and welcome to the Success Club Podcast, my name is Kaz Johnson and I am your host today, this is episode 153 and today I am talking about How I started my online business

It was then I took some time off to go back to college and take my marketing diplomas, it was also a time where I had to start with where I was with what I got, and that was a PC and the internet connection.

I had to move from my training business premises and I only took with me what I needed to start an online training business. I decided to teach other people what I had learned about teaching and assessing and to offer the Award in education and assessing qualifications online.

I had several barriers to this, one being I had to convince an awarding body that I could teach and assess and quality assure these qualifications, which I finally did.

Another barrier was to marketing my products online and to convince people that it was the same syllabus and doing it online. I did this with virtual meetings, something quite new back in 2003.

Once I had sold my product, I had to find a learning management system (LMS) that I could understand and that was relevantly cheap. I started life as an IT teacher, so I felt confident that I could to this.

Armed with MOODLE, an education LMS software and little knowledge of how this was going to work, set up in the online teaching world.

I founded a team of assessors, IQA’s, and became an accredited centre. All I had to do now was to find students, deliver the course, and get their qualification completed.

I reviewed and changed my business all the time, getting feedback from my students, I fine tuned the business, from changing policies and procedures to the software.

I will not say that it was easy at all. I had no one to guide nor mentor me then, as I was doing something new, but would not have changed the learning experience at all, but it would have been good to have learned from someone, a coach or mentor would have saved me so much heartache, tears and hours of frustration.

Moving on to now, I no longer teach qualifications as the moment but teach and coach other people how to build a business online how to plan, build and grow their business, but that is how I started my first online business.

If you want me to help you plan, build, or grow a business online, just give me a call and we can see where you are and point you in the direction of where you need to be.

That’s it for this week, thank you for listening to me whilst I told you about how I started my own online business.

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