Session 154 – A free Photoshop course for beginners

A free Photoshop course for beginners

Today I thought I would like to share this free Photoshop course for beginners.

I often felt overwhelmed by Photoshop, it is a powerful tool.  I had it, opened it up, felt overwhelmed even with Photoshop’s courses.  I tried them, but could not seem to get anywhere fast with it.

He has nicely laid out for you the session below:-

1. Introduction [0:00] 1.1 Welcome to the Course [1:50] 1.2 Getting Started 2. Layers [3:10] 2.1 How Photoshop Layers Work [12:06] 2.2 Combining Multiple Images 3. Color and Adjustment Layers [20:40] 3.1 Tone Adjustment With Levels [25:17] 3.2 Color Adjustment [29:21] 3.3 Hue Adjustments 4. Text [37:42] 4.1 How to Work With Type [49:37] 4.2 Warped Type and Type on a Path 5. Layer Styles [1:07:17] 5.1 Layer Styles and Effects 6. Cropping and Resizing [1:24:46] 6.1 How to Crop [1:32:08] 6.2 Resizing and Resolution 7. Selections and Masking [1:41:49] 7.1 Rectangle and Elliptical Marquee Tool [1:47:58] 7.2 Clipping Masks [1:52:27] 7.3 Quick Selection Tool [2:00:18] 7.4 Layer Masks [2:06:25] 7.5 Select and Mask 8. Smart Objects [2:18:38] 8.1 Understanding Photoshop Smart Objects 9. Transform & Warp [2:30:09] 9.1 Transforming and Warping Layers 10. Retouching [2:37:58] 10.1 Retouching With the Photoshop Healing Brush [2:45:55] 10.2 Content-Aware Scale 11. Exporting [2:54:11] 11.1 Exporting Images 12. Conclusion [3:04:49] 12.1 What Next?

Photoshop is a great tool for your blog or website and it is an amazingly useful skill to acquire too!

I hope that you enjoy the course, let me know what you think about it the comments below.

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