5 Tips to make progress with your goals.

Session 158 – 5 Tips to make progress with your goals.

5 Tips to make progress with your goals

You are listening to the Success Club Podcast. Hello and welcome to session 158. This week I am talking to you about 5 Tips to make progress with your goals.

Hello and welcome to the Success Club Podcast, my name is Kaz Johnson and I am your host today, this is episode 158, and today I am talking about the 5 Tips to make progress with your goals.

I often fall off track, only to get back on track again pretty soon, just like a plane traveling from London to Sydney, the wind blows the place off track many times, only to have its self recalibrated to get back on track.

Tip no 1 – Your vision

The first thing I do is set a clear vision of what I want to accomplish for the next year, this could change from year to year, so I set some time aside to get a clear vision of what I want to accomplish in December.

I mind map this out for about 10 goals I want to achieve, I use Mindmaster for this, but there are other tools like Coggle, or you could just write them on a notepad and take a photo of it, just let your mind wander and see what you want to achieve, what your life would look like in 1 years’ time if you accomplished this and why do you want to accomplish it.

It is our why, when we start to falter, we stumble, get sidetracked that will pick ourselves up, dust yourself down, and get you back on track with your goals.

Tip no 2 – your 10 goals.

Write them down, keep looking at them and make a note of them every day, these goals would be taken from your vision, but write them down every single day and look at them. You could write them in a Word or Page document, you could write them in your journal or note pad, it does not matter where you put them, so long as you look at them every, single, day!

Tips no 3 – How to make sure you stay on track

By writing out your 10 top goals daily, makes sure that you focus on them, and looking at your why helps you to stay focused. Break them down to small manageable steps, not too hard, or you will feel overwhelmed, just small bite-size pieces, for example, if you are to start a blog in the following year, the first step would be to buy a domain on day one, then on day two, it would be to install the software you need….

Just small baby steps to avoid the overwhelm and when it’s done, you feel as if you are getting somewhere, this helps with your confidence, which in turn helps you to stay on track.

Tips no 4 – get back up when you fall down.

We all have bad days, I know, I do! So, for the rest of the day, take some time out, go for a walk in nature, this is what I do, or take a bath or a nap or all three if necessary, then just hit the reset button, and start all over again! Just get back up when you are less tired or stressed out.

Tip no 5 – get an accountability partner.

We go fastest alone, but we go further together, by knowing that someone is depending on us to show up, for example, your jogging buddy is there waiting for you to show up so that you can run together as you promised that you would run 3 miles together at 8:00 am in the morning, helps you to stay focussed on your goals.

It’s so easy to say to yourself if it is raining, tomorrow… the same is in business if you said you were going to do something by 8:00 am on Wednesday, you will get it done, I assure you!

We all work better under some kind of pressure, but being accountable to someone else, then you will rock up to it! If you want help in showing up and being accountable to your goals, but have no one, then join our team, we will make sure you show up, in the nicest possible way, I promise!

That’s it for this week, thank you for joining me whilst I talk about 5 Tips to make progress with your goals.

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