Session 170 – How to start an email list

How to start an email list

You are listening to the Success Club Podcast. Hello and welcome to session 170. This week I am talking to you about how to start an email list

Hello and welcome to the Success Club Podcast, my name is Kaz Johnson and I am your host today, this is episode 170, and today I am talking about how to start an email list.

You need to build a relationship with your potential customers so that they can get that know, like and trust factor if they are going to be buying from you.

I know that it can be very daunting when starting from scratch, so I have the exact steps in order that you need to do..

Step 1. Choose your email marketing provider

You can use a free email marketing provider like Mail Chimp, or buy Convertkit or Aweber, and I have used them all, but at the moment I use Getresponse, and they have a free trial at moment, but whoever you go with remember what goal it is you want and to make sure that you can segment your list, create different lists, has an autoresponder and can send newsletters to.

Step 2. Set up your email marketing account

As soon as you have chosen your account, just sign up and create your marketing account. If you choose Getresponse, they have a great video about getting started with Getresponse here

Step 3. Create an opt-in form for your website

This is done with as an option form with your email provider, or like me, you might choose a myriad of email provers like Thrivelleads forms and shortcode, or Getrespones form builder, or Convertboxes lightboxes, short-form or piece of code, so however you do it, just make sure that you only ask for peoples names and email address, the least you ask for, the more sign-ups you will get.

Step 4. – Write your set of autoresponders

Now is the time to decide when you are going to schedule your first email. This could be just an introduction to your customers.

I write a series of emails to go out on a regular basis, say day 1, day 3, day 5, and so forth, in a blank document like Word. I write them all out, what day they are to go out and the headings.

Step 5 – Add your autoresponders series.

After you have written out your responders for the first 90 days, transfer them to your autoresponder.

Step 6 – Design a freebie

So, what is it you can design as a give away for free?

Here are some ideas that you could use.

  • A cheatsheet
  • A challenge
  • A pdf book helping your customer to a quick win.
  • A course – this could be an email course or an online course, but make sure that it is a quick win for you
  • A series of videos
  • An audio file about your chosen subject

Step 7 – Create a landing page

However you have created your blog or website, you now need to create a landing page that tells your customer what the freebie is, your ethical bribe, and how you can solve a problem for your customers.

Step 8 – Drive traffic to your freebie

Once you have completed all these steps, it’s time to drive traffic to your website. This could be done for free for example, SEO, or social media, or paid traffic like Google or Facebook ads.

Step 9 – Create a content plan

I create my content plan 90 days in advance so that I always know what I am going to be creating.

Step 10 – Test, test, test

Now that your email list sales funnel has been set up, you need to keep an eye on the numbers. Things like how many sign-ups are you getting, what happens if you change the headline, what resonated with your audience the most?

That’s it for this week, tell me in the comments if you have your email list set up and what do you use to help you with it?

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