what should I email my list?

This week I am talking to you about What you should email to your list.

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Hello and welcome to episode 35 Of the Kaz Johnson show, my name is Kaz Johnson and I am the blogger behind Kazjohnson.com and the Kaz Academy. The Kaz Academy is the place to be if you are planning, building or growing your online business with online courses and a membership programme. You can learn more about what I do at Kazjohnson.com

Today I am talking about what you should email to your list.  Now, there are two things that I do, one is set up an autoresponder, this means that whenever someone signs up for a particular list, they will automatically receive an email immediately and then they will go out at on a regular set days, for example, one that goes out immediately, then 3 days, then 7 days etc.  For this email list, I send out a welcome email with a link for whatever they have signed up for with a download link, then emails with tips and news.

If someone has joined the academy or enrolled on one of my courses, they will receive a series of emails periodically that helps with the on boarding process.  They will get a welcome email, sometimes going to a webpage with a personal introduction video from my self stating what they will expect and where to get help if they get stuck.

For the Academy members, they will receive the on boarding emails, plus some emails at regular intervals letting them know of new content that has been added, perhaps an action plan that they need to complete

The other email that I send out on a regular basis is my newsletter email, that goes out each Tuesday to all my lists, this includes the latest podcast with links, any tips and news, again with links. This email tends to be short snippets with links to various things that maybe of interest to the reader.

Whatever you decided to do, you need to make sure you are continually sending out emails, not too much, but make sure they don’t forget you, however, do not keep trying to sell to them.  Just send them to your blog with perhaps a tip or some news that they will find beneficial.  Don’t forget to put some links into your emails and check to see how many opens you get, and how has opened what and what they click onto.  This gives you

By showing you that you are the expert in your area, and showcase your knowledge, you will be able to build trust and credibility with your audience, and once you have done that, you can then start selling them your product of offering.

Finally, I also offer this list a ‘Early Bird’ offer that subscribers get first!

So, there we have it, a few ideas of keeping connected with your customers to keep you in the forefront of their minds without being over salesy.  So, my challenge to you, if you wish to take it this week, is to take a pen and paper and make a list of all the things you can can engage you with your audience and look at segmentation you list and create a series of auto responsders to get you started.  Finally, how about creating a weekly newsletter with tips, offers and news in your subject?

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That’s all for this week, so I would like to say a massive thank you for taking time to listen to me, and I will speak to you next week.


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