Session 64 –  How to create an email course

This week I am talking to you about How to create an email course

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Hello and welcome to episode 64 Of the Kaz Johnson show, my name is Kaz Johnson and I am the blogger behind and the founder of Kaz Academy. The Kaz Academy is the place to be if you are planning, building or growing your online business with online courses and a membership programme. You can learn more about what I do at

This week I am talking to you about How to create an email course.

One way to start creating courses is to start with an email course.  An email course is just a series of emails that is sent out over time.  You can do this with an email autoresponder series, and if you use it as an ethical bribe, you can use it to show off your expertise and grow your email list, or you can sell them as a way of gaining trust and authority as a low level entry course, then sell your higher price courses further down the line.

So let’s look at some of the other reasons you should consider creating an email course.

You can start with very little, for example, you can send out a series of text-based lessons without having to create videos, handouts, which can take a lot of time to prepare, you can even use content that you already have, for example, if you have a blog, and especially if you have a blog series, you can repurpose that content.

Getting started to writing your email course is much easier as the content is often shorter than an online course, so each lesson should be easier for the learner to read and action.  Think about how this lesson would benefit the reader, as well as the action point you want your learner to carry out.

The other thing about creating an email series is that you can add lessons as you go along, so you do not need to complete it all in one hit. Start off by creating your sales page, add a call to action, for example, I always create my sales page with a start date of six weeks, I write the first lesson, then I start promoting the course and as soon as someone has signed up for it, I then create the second and third lesson.  I space the lessons out, say three to five days apart, this helps me to write the content based on the feedback I get from the learners.

Because email courses are delivered as a minimum viable product, and MVP, it is also a great way of testing out a new course that can be turned into a full video course with downloadable workbooks etc, however, if there is little uptake for this course, you know not to spend a lot of time and effort writing a full blown course, saving you money as well as time.  However, on the other hand, if there is a lot of uptake for the low cost, or even a free email course, then you know it’s worth spending the time and money to create an all singing and dancing online course in the future.

Another thing to think about when creating your email courses is that it shows of you, it also shows you as the thought leader in your industry forming that know, like and trust relationship that is so important if you are going to have a long term relationship with your learner, it is vital that the learner trusts you as the ‘go to person’ in your industry.

So, I want you to grab a pen and paper and jot down some ideas for an email course that you can create now, think about….

That’s it for this week,

Speak to you next week.

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That’s all for this week, so I would like to say a massive thank you for taking the time to listen to me, and I will speak to you next week.

Kaz started out teaching over 30 years ago teaching IT in a local college, she then set up her own training business before teaching teachers and assessors online over 10 years ago.

Today she helps people to plan, build and grow their online business and when she is not working, you will find her in the great outdoors.

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