Think! Are you a teacher? Are you a coach? Do you already have a blog? Do you already have a business?

Session 67 – Planning your course idea

Planning your course idea

You are listening to the Kaz Johnson show. Hello and welcome to session no 67.  This week I am going to be talking about Planning your course idea

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Hello and welcome to episode 67 Of the Kaz Johnson show, my name is Kaz Johnson and I am the blogger behind and the founder of Kaz Academy. The Kaz Academy is the place to be if you are planning, building or growing your online business with online courses and a membership program. You can learn more about what I do at

This week I am talking to you about Planning your course idea.

So we are going to look at beginning brainstorming ideas, the first thing I want you to do is to grab a pen and paper, if you are listening to this in a car, just make a mental note and come back to this episode later, but you can think about each exercise as we go along.

So let’s get started…

The first thing you need to do is to start from where you are with what you have.  Think! Are you a teacher? Are you a coach? Do you already have a blog? Do you already have a business? If the answer to yes to any of these, write, yes and then put down your answer to which subject you can teach.

If you have said no to the previous question, think for a moment what you are most passionate about, write the first thing that comes to mind and write this down. So what things are interested in, list about 4 topics here.  Then write 4 things you are passionate about, next list 4 Things you have done & have authority in. And finally, what transformation will the learner see?

Now you have a list of your topics, you need to narrow it down.  You could deliver all of these courses in your chosen topic, but for now, you really need to narrow the topic down until you come up with just one idea.  To do this you need to think about what is the fastest, and least expensive way for you to create this course, is it going to be a series of lessons delivered over a series of emails, or is it going to be a course delivered as an online course with your current LMS?

Now, look at your course idea, is this something you are really passionate about? Do you feel excited about creating this course? Yes? Great.

If yes… you have now planned your course idea.

If you would like to take the course ‘Plan your course idea’ where you will learn about who your audience is and how you can help them.  You will also find your audience’s pain points and brainstorm how you can solve them, and finally, you will find out which of your passions will be the most impactful for just $25, you can join the Kaz Academy here.

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Speak to you next week.

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That’s it for this week, thank you whilst listening to me whilst I talked about Planning your course idea.

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