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Session 98 – Passive Income Ideas

Session 98 – Passive Income Ideas

You are listening to the Kaz Johnson Show. Hello and welcome to session 98. This week I am talking to you about Passive Income Ideas.

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Hello and welcome to the Kaz Johnson Show, my name is Kaz Johnson and I am your host today, and today I am talking about Passive Income ideas..

I stumbled upon making an online business out of a need, I was recently divorced and I had to start out from where I was with what I had. A PC and an internet connection. I had been delivering IT training and qualifications from my own bricks-and-mortar business and now needed to find another way of delivering training.

With my background in IT, I did some research and found that you can deliver training online. I remember doing a degree course with the Open University, and that they used Moodle to deliver some of the courses.

Moodle is a learning management software (LMS) and it is an open-source software used by colleges and universities. So I managed to install it, and set up a website, and put it out there! Then Boom! Someone purchased the course, and that is how I started earning a Passive Income. Since then I have added multiple income streams to my Passive Income revenues.

So many things have changed since then and it is even easier now than ever before to start an online business and earning a Passive Income.

But where to start?

Here a just some ideas you can earn a Passive Income, there are many many more, but I have listed just some of the things…

  • Create an e-book
    • Sell it on your own website, publish it on Amazon
    • Use a tool like Designerr
  • Create a book for Kindle
  • Create printables
    • sell them on your own site
    • sell them on Etsy

Create videos

  • Create music
    • sell them on your own site
    • Sell them on dittomusic where they will distribute your music to lots of other sites for you
  • Start an Online T-Shirt Business
  • Create a course
    • sell it on Udemy, Teachable
    • Sell it on your own site using learning management system (LMS) like Learndash.
  • Create a coaching program
    • Sell on your own website
  • Take photos
    • Sell them on your own website
    • Sell them on stock photos websites like:-
  • Sell software as a service (SAAS)
    • Sell on your own website.
  • Become a host using your spare bedroom
  • Rent your car
    • On Turo
  • Take in overseas students
    • Just do a search for ‘Hosting Students’ as there are different schools for different areas.
  • Set up an commerce store
    • Sell products on your own store with Woocommerce.
    • Sell products on your own store with Shoppify
    • Drop ship your products
  • Arbitrage
    • Sell products on Amazon for them to dropship and do all the customer service.
  • Buy Dividends
    • Buy shares and get dividend payouts

This list is not exhaustive, but it’s a good list to get your head thinking about how you can start an online business with a Passive Income.

Try one, and then add more as you go.

If you want help with any of the suggestions above, please just drop me an email…. kaz@thesuccessclub.co.uk

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Thank you for joining me this week.

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