Thinking of starting an online business?

What you’ll discover in this workshop:

The course offers a framework for beginners to sort through the vast online business world to more easily choose a business idea that intersects with their interests, talents, and skills with action plans and a dedicated support desk so that you can learn how make a decision about which side-hustle you want to take on and get started right away. 

The course will cast light on various approaches to starting an online business in order to find one that fits them best. It invites people who are considering starting an online commerce venture but don't know where they would fit within the industry—self-employed freelancer? shop owner? YouTuber? Blogger? Work-from-home mom or dad?--to think about what is most important when deciding which type of entrepreneurial opportunity suits them best: creating passive income by leveraging your time once; scaling as quickly as possible regardless of costs; or holding down a job.


Module 1: Validate

Sometimes, when it comes to starting a new business, entrepreneurs just want some validation.

If you've got an idea and are not sure if it's worth exploring whether or not it would work in the current market landscape, this session will explore that with you- helping you think through the positives and negatives of your idea before committing every last bit of energy into taking action.


Module 2: Test the waters

It's tiring to research what you think could be a good product, but it isn't always easy to know if you're on the right track. Whether for fear of wasting your time or losing money, many people find themselves hesitating before they make a decision. Our test the waters session helps address these issues by allowing anyone to brainstorm their idea in front of an audience that can provide feedback and advice tailored specifically to your project. It ensures that when you make a final decision about whether your product is viable, there is no going back!


Module 3: Marketing cant be too hard surely!

So you have a great product! I am sure that no one has thought of what it is before, but we found the perfect way to ensure your uniqueness and value. And the best part about the MARKETING CANT BE TOO HARD SURELY session! is that its something everyone can use whether they are a restaurant owner or just an average person trying to spruce up their house. Even if you don't want to be IN YOUR MARKETING all day, this will help make sure you keep some time for yourself :)


Module 4: building your true friends!

It's natural to have friends and followers. Followers are not your friend, they're just people that you know on social media networks like Twitter or Facebook. You may be proud that you have a lot of followers but this won't help grow your business! In fact, it can do the opposite as these accounts become more distant every time they see an update from you in fear of losing their "connection."
What if I told you there was a way for you to build real relationships with your customers? True friends don't follow each other on social media - instead, there's a mutual loyalty and friendship between them. That's what we want: true friendships with customers so we empower our businesses together.

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