My ten top business tools I use in my business

My ten top business tools I use in my business

My ten top business tools I use in my business

I just love to automate my business as much as I can, so today I am listing my top ten business tools I use to help me run my business.

I have several more tools I use to run my business, but here are my top ten:

1. Canva

I use Canva’s as it has a drag-and-drop feature and professional layouts that I use to design stunning graphics. I use it to create presentations, social media graphics, and book covers for my PDF’S.

I have been using Canva for years, and I have upgraded it to the Pro Membership as not only is it simple to use, the paid membership is only and has some amazing features that I couldn’t be without.

Join with this link and we will both earn a credit. Win/win for both of us..

2. Amazon s3

Amazon S3 is a cloud storage service offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

I store all my images, courses, downloadable and videos on Amazon S3. It’s easy to use, safe, reliable and dirt cheap and you get the first 5GB free, it has not minimum charges and is free to set up!

Check out Amazon S3 here

3. Convertbox

This is the tool I use to capture details for my email marketing list. There is so much to say about Convertbox, if you click here and join my VIP membership, you will see a video explaining just how this works, the VIP Membership is free, here you can access resources, videos, handout’s cheatsheets, courses and challenges.

They currently have a lifetime deal on that is about to close soon, no more monthly fees, but hurray, it is closing out soon. Get the lifetime deal here

4. Thrivecart

This shopping cart has many, many features, so many in fact you would best watching my demo in the VIP members area.

It seamlessly integrates with all my other tools that I use, and currently, they have a lifetime offer that you can get here.

5. Relaythat

This is a recent purchase, and I must admit, I am blown away with it, alongside Canva, this is my go-to tool for creating images, especially good for Pinterest marketing.

6. Coschedule

CoSchedule is my social media scheduler. It connects to my WordPress blog and acts as a content calendar. It also makes sure that my calendar is never empty by filling it up with my empty slots with evergreen content.

Why not check out CoSchedule in the demo videos part of the resources section in the VIP Members club?

7. Simple Podcast Press

This is the podcast player that I use, it’s not only a great player, but it also has many other great features. This software is a WordPress plugin. You install it, enter your iTunes URL, and that’s it!

In seconds, it will create a unique page for each of your podcast episodes and automatically add a mobile-friendly player along with the full description and images from your podcast feed.

From now on, each time you publish a new podcast, it will automatically appear on your site (you don’t even have to log in to your site if you don’t want to!)

Get Simple Podcast Press here or watch the demo in the VIP Members Club

8. Getresponse

Getresponse is not just my email list provider that helps me to collect email addresses from my opt-in forms and send out my autoresponders and newsletters, but it is so much more..

It is a whole online marketing platform and they offer features like email services, autoresponders, newsletters, webinars, and some CRM functions, tagging and scoring, as well as workflows as well.

Check out the demo video here in the VIP Members Club.

9. Designrr

I use Designrr to create my eBooks in literally minutes. You can also repurpose your blogs and create a PDF just by putting in your blog’s URL.

You don’t even have to have the design or technical skills necessary either!

Watch it in action here.

10. Bluehost

And my last go-to tool, is Bluehost. It’s my web hosting provider and I have used it for many years now. They have a great ‘one-click’ install for WordPress (my go-to for my blogs and websites) and they are reliable, and have a great offer on too!

If you would like to see all the above in action, I have demo videos that you can access in my VIP Members area, it’s free to join, just click here.

I also have a downloadable sheet with my 10 top business tools you can access there too!

What are your top ‘go-to’ tools to run your business? Comment below and let me know. That’s it for this week, my ten top business tools I use in my business

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That’s it for this week, so thank you for joining me this week whilst I talked about my ten top business tools I use in my business!

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